Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Fear of ‘Ultimate Power’.

Has ‘superman’ ever thought that when he is flying 30000 mts above at 500 miles/ hr, he loses his flying power?
The greatest Fear after attaining all superior powers is, losing those powers . That is when one realizes that with great powers, comes great responsibility and along with it comes the greatest Fear.
That fear is the dark side of all invincible beings.
To protect Ultimate powers, the power is shared, and when the power is shared, it is misused, and that is when the system becomes corrupt.
Superior powers always resist themselves from entering into a transparent space. They must also protect the ones with who powers are shared. They want to be excluded from questioning and scrutiny.And more is shared ... until the ultimate power weakens, a total imbalance, chaos and distrust.
But, Only the strongest heart can hold the ultimate power, only the indigenous one can withhold it. And there will be optimum balance in existence.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fall of Nations

The Governments of Nations are losing their powers. Trust laid upon them dissolves in doubt. The human race is in starvation of truth and hunger for a free world that can let them live in peace as ordered initially.
But the controllers have deceived an army of templars, knights and assassin to fight till end. A war that is not of this world.
Darkness has an appetite for brightness, and the mouth is as bigger than the whole land of the beings. Not a chance of survival. The fangs of darkness are poisonous that it injects desire, the agent of  all destruction.
Desire is the secret ally to the dark side. When things go wrong in 1:1000 it is bound to be 1:100000 soon and when you become part of the equation,it will all be too late...
Power misused becomes negative, devastating energy that goes out and comes around. It has now turning its course upon us. That is natural.
Walk in the center and let others walk their own. Be sure not to follow or be followed. Stand alone to show the difference, exercise your rights. You will be free and nations shall raise once again for peace for a 1000 years to come.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Drill ships cruises over Earth

After our two days of stay near Perumal Malai , we decided to head back to Chennai and continue the story on Kalpakkam atomic plant. When we reached Krishnagiri, we made a small change in course and planned to check out one last place, the mountains of Yercuad. It was once the play grounds of the British Raj. But It was once actually the kingdom for some of the most exotic species of birds and animals. But for making it safer for the humans to stay, they hunted, shot and killed many bears and leopards and wiped out most reptiles, reduced the populations of  elephants and bisons. One can hardly spot foxes and some wild boars these days.
We reached yercuad around 11 pm and boarded a place to rest for the night . In the morning we walked to a nearby stream for a swim. The water was extremely cold and it was raining too. It was like placing your body for charge with coldness.
We had our bags packed ready at the hotel and quickly finished our breakfast and climbed down the mountain, heading our way back home.
While we were coming down the mountain, I saw something that i felt, it just cannot be.Sand quarrying agents have dug out more than 100 feet into earth , and for more than 50 sq km area in total. Its gone. As I was adjusting my lens for a clear shots , I met an old villager who also stood next to me and was watching what I was doing.
I asked him, what happened down there? , “that was once the great forest region in this district filled with centurion trees and animals. He pointed and made a circle to mark at a place and told me , there was once a huge hill stood there. They brought it down to ground level. There were 3 such hills and they all are gone now” he said.
The pics that might help you understand how the land is being eaten up like a caterpillar chewing on a leaf. Look close to the left corner of the first pic, you will find the beginning and then the huge gapping hole dug after. It has now reached the foot of another hill and after few months you will not be able to find the hill that you can see now in the picture. They will dig all they can but will never fill that big hole in their lives.

You cannot have a piece of everything. You are not entitled to. Its the land that is shared by you and me and no one has the right to own it even if the government (organization formed by a group of criminals and hoodlums) sanctions a percentage approval on sand quarrying.
The sand is used for construction and for production of bricks and for many other reason. It would be the same material that would have been used to build the new office for the forest reserve department in Salem.
It is like this, a huge ultra luxury resort hotel clears up a place on top of these hills , bringing down trees and build a spectacular property with imported lawns and flowers etc... The funniest thing is that, you destroyed what was naturally beautiful, and placed your customized nature and hold a sign that reads “do not walk on the lawn, do not pluck flowers, do not disturb the environment”… what in the world is that and how insane is that.
The tall hills are the reason for the climatic balance in that region and these hills and mountains are disappearing on a daily basis. The pace of devastation is faster than creation.
I can‘t wait to see them answered with great vengeance. In the fire of these industries of hell, everything will fall and burn in it.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sharing their Paradise

As we entered the home of ‘Chettaee’, Maalu and Vishnu emerged from their tin roofed house. I was expecting it would be like the tree house of ‘Moopan’, the 90 year old man who lives in the trees house in Kothamangalam. But it was made it to tin as they often had issues of heavy storm and animals trying to enter the house.
in pic from right to left, Maalu , the mother ,the father and Vishnu.
Maalu brought us tea and rusks , it was good refreshing. Vishnu was getting ready to go up to the mountain where his mother was at farming. Maalu too joined her brother to help their parents in farming. Even as their schools were closed they didn’t want to leave home and go elsewhere or sit home and watch tv.
They say that there is no place in the earth that can give them peace like home. And with peace in mind, everything else becomes secondary.
This is where we stayed; take a look at the back ground. That is the piece of earth they hold. Up the mountain, there are many trees that gave varieties kinds of fruits and vegetables. Birds and animals seems like just arrived set of fresh species.

Saji (Chettaee) pointed me towards a cave up the mountain and told me that he had tried to explore the cave and said have walked in about a kilometer but not sure if he wants to further in without a crew. He says he can hear gushing water and other sounds that anyone would doubt to go further.
Look close to see the cave. drew a line to point the cave's location

We have promised to explore the cave on our next trip.
As we were entering the forest to explore his farm, we heard dogs bark in distress. Saji chettan and the other farmers quickly ran into his hut and picked up spears and came out and stood in front of us. They said that there is a creature, the color of its skin or fur is like ash, and the eyes are red, the tail is long like the panther but has the face of a wolf. This creature has attacked 3 people in the last 1 year and has taken away their watch dogs and killed their live stocks.
One of the reasons for Saji to explore the cave is to stop this creature terrorizing the paradise. But he believes that it also needs to utilize the space around so they try to coexist.
Later in the evening, we were taken into the jungle for hunting. Yes, we found some energy food and we brought it home for cooking. Cannot describe as what we were cooking and eating. It looked like a Tasmanian bear but it is not. It looks like a rabbit but it is not. But the tribes say that these things breed like fishes and there are plenty here.

Later a long days work we were given few sheets of cloth to sleep on it and we were given the space they once used to stock and breed chicken. It was warm and very comfortable.
He also had a surprise for us when he took us to another farm, when we reached the farm; we all thought that if we ever get into the agriculture sector, we will be farming this! (sorry can't disclose what it was)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Waking up in paradise!

Around 2 in the morning we were crossing NH 49, steering through the Western Ghats and reached the small village of ’Rendam Mile’ Idduki district in Kerala. It was pitch dark and we did not have enough charge on our flash lights. However, we navigated through the woods with the help of some moon light. We were supposed to hike up a mile to reach a small tribal hamlet on top of the mountain. It was too late to climb so we thought to camp mid way and climb the rest in the morning. The breeze was so cold that it put us all to sleep like we took a hit with tranquilizer shot.
In the morning, it was like someone waking you; I could hear singing tunes from a distance as I am still half in sleep. It was too cold to sleep more so I slowly woke up and what I saw is this …

The song was from a blue koel, he was so gracious and beautiful in singing and I could sense his excitement. The excitement on an everyday basis. Who wouldn’t sing out of joy when living in paradise?
In my 30 years of waking up from sleep, I never have woken in a peaceful state; it would either be my alarm, or the sounds from the kitchen, door bell or the disturbing levels of decibels from the street, or worse it by thinking of the day ahead in the industrial jungle of metal and fire.
I think the picture would explain my experience…
I looked up the mountain as we needed to climb up more to reach the village, finding the feasible path to climb. I was told that the people up there live like gods.
I was told that they are strangers to no one. To them we are their distant relatives, visiting them. They knew we are coming and they were expecting us. We could hear their dogs barking, as even they knew that we were coming to visit.
We climbed for about 30 mins and we saw faces emerging from the bushes, we did not even realize they were watching us. One man came out from the bush, waved his hand and said, “This way”.
We followed him; he told us that we will be staying at Saji’s house, a cardamom and ginger farmer. He also told us that he is setting up a tent for us outside his house.
This is the land of the God's own people; here all is one to nature and nothing mightier than it.
The strong scents of flowers were increasing as we were reaching their place. Saji’s was the last house in the mountain and it seems to me that I was at the door step of the golden gate. The dogs were the first to welcome us ... Tipu, the alpha male was verifying our ids :)
To continue…