Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mars Rover Image Analysis - What the heck is that?

So i was browsing over the world wide web , searching for things that can  amuse me that includes bang bus videos...i have few websites that i usually check out for updates and one of them is they had recently put up images received from Mars Rover, very interactive 360 degree, images, you can zoom in and zoom out and i was tripping on those images...zooming in and out, looking for intelligent species, optimus prime, or alien dinosaurs but i couldn't spot anything or anyone.

Also, i was thinking 'hey this must be somewhere in the middle east or Arizona'. this is another scam like man on the moon types and just then, i came across something that looked like paper? or silver foil? i wasn't too sure so i would like to be announced and claimed as the first guy who discovered paper on Mars. expecting NASA to give me call anytime soon or the NSA to call me and ask me to keep this as a secret, sorry too late for that!

the interesting part is that this piece of paper or foil reflects on the rock so can something reflect on a muddy, sandy rock surface,or can it ?

take a look at the below images...

Just as i thought i found something that is going to send me straight to the next mission to Mars i saw this image on the side of other set of images... "curiosity found numerous shiny objects..." damn the curiosity sometimes disappoints you !

My mission to Mars ends here!