Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My People My Culture- IndiBlogger Meet Bangalore Oct 2010

#Indiblr . It was a nonstop drive to Bangalore this time. Karthik tried stopping me at several tea shops and road side restaurants but I was just too keen in reaching Bangalore. Anoop was waiting to throw a bomb on us when we arrived “dude IIMB ditched us man, we don’t have a venue now and the meet is just in three days”.

We all switched our modes from “relax have a beer mode” to “what the fuck mode” but we knew that this isn’t going to stop the show. So we head out the next morning determined to find a venue and close the deal by EOD. My driver Sohail helped us in finding Hotels and thats how we came across the Fortune Park JP Celestial near the race course road.

Thanks to Varun Oberoi the head of sale and marketing of the hotel who vouched for us and helped us with getting the venue for the date and time we asked. Big thanks to him. And the LCD tv idea was cool man. Thanks!

I stayed overnight at the hotel before the meet and had a hard time to get some sleep. I slept at 6 am and woke up at 9 am. It was the day of the blogger meet.

We all were relaxed and we know that it is going to be a great meet and so it did. The sponsor for the contest and prizes HP did a great deal in terms of connecting and reaching out to the community. Really appreciate Soumya Dev of HP for all his efforts.

Varun and Soumya they have now become my people and they belong to my culture.

The venue was great, it was on the 7th floor and it overlooked the race course. Great ambience and the bloggers loved it. 200 + bloggers in a hall live blogging, tweeting and more. Bloggers from age of 14 to 62 were present in the meet.

HP gave away more than 10 printers and some of them was the latest e printers. E printers are basically really cool. Send an email to the printer and the machine takes prints. That cool they are. Mohan was gifted a super duper printer who won the first prize for HP wall of fame. He may put a pic soon on his blog. Check it out later.

IndiPolice - Addy and Hemal as usual making all the noise. Have to put them behind bars for being blogger meet nuisance. Lol! Addy came from Mumbai and Hemal flew down from Delhi. And there was Chada who flew down from Hyd.

I got to continue this on to my next post as it might be boring to read a long post. Really