Sunday, April 24, 2011

The colors of water

The reflection of the sky is very clear to be seen on the surface of the water. The imagination makes you look closer, one cannot see the sky yet one can see its reflection on the water.

Reality is the original truth and the universe lets it radiate and nothing has a chance to cease it.

This is the work of Mothi, a Pondicherry based artists who is currently working on ‘wall murals’.
He does a lot of experiment with lens, lights, colors; his research enables him to produce more new techniques to articulate the art of water coloring.
His interest in his regional culture is exhibited through his painting. His work depicts the beautiful culture of Tamil Nadu.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Natyagriha, Of 'Chakyar Koothu' and Sanskrit

“I see artisans living in a world of endless opportunities utilizing invaluable traditional skills along with the wisdom inherited by them and tapping into their creative potentials through craft as a medium consequently providing the world outside of them a classic range of rareness; exclusive products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also eco-friendly having a unique functional value”- Vinit John Ninan , shared one of his visions during my visit to Wadanekurussi.
We were accompanied by Surej, he works for Radio Mango, holds masters in Sanskrit, plays the ‘Mizhavu , and exceptionally performs ‘Chakyar Koothu ‘and knows quite amount of history and folklore. Some of it was information that were lost in the past and the man travels back into time, digs into the clues and bring them out to present.
His mission is to make the community understand their origin; make them understand their heritage and history, realize their valuable traditional skills.

Since we had the plan of creating a digital archive, he brought in Pradeep who has a HD professional camera. It was a one day shoot and it began at 4 in the morning so that we don’t miss the rising sun t, the rooster and the waking of ‘kumbhara Kuttigal’. ‘A day in the Life of a Kumbhara’- ‘Kumbharandey Koodey our divasam’. It was really interesting to give some directions to some of the shots and helped Surej finish his work.  
Surej spearheads ‘Natyagriha, one of Samgrah Vikas Yojna’s visions.
This is an introduction about this personality who works for networking in and connecting the roots. He wants to give a good finishing to an abruptly ended story.
This post has many words that are regional and will be explained as the story goes on

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Transforming energies of emotion

Life was simple and sufficiently provided with everything to live with and leave behind for the next to come . The almighty Sun, the ever flowing massive forest river with fishes, the centurions that stand tall providing nourishments, and most of it was the way of the kumbharas and their fascinating life style.

Each day begins with ‘Om Suryaya namah’ , worshiping the ultimate energy, the Sun, and the day ends with the kallum, paattum’ an evening activity that reminds to all member s that ‘we are all here and we are all happy and so will be others’.
The kumbharas respect their history; known their continued struggle, no letters in their language, alienates them from the local land men, unnatural deaths and all this and yet among them I find immense brightness even in the darkest of the living hours.
I came across Lakshmi at Nelambur, a middle aged widow with dull sleepy eyes which never glances at the clock since it has slowed her down from the time her husband passed away. She has no children and lives all alone.
She does not talk or move around the village much. The beauty is that Lakshmi transforms her emotions into creative energies; her hidden talent was provoked by everything that is happening around her. She wanted to have happy family, a loving husband, a home, children, togetherness, she desired for a simple life.
These clay figurines were made by Lakshmi , she is a kumbhari who is an artist/an artisan/a gifted designer. She writes her stories on those clay figurines that she makes. The clay dances in the hand of this artist .These are priceless artifacts that are just not made by hobby artisans or design workshops. These are made by authentic Kumbharas with traditional way of processing the clay, heating, resting and sculpted with a lot of feel, …if you understand what i mean.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Children of the Earth

I see the glow, like a reflection of the sun on those faces. I feel the energy trusted on their spirits. I sense the purity in their existence. Living is simple, yet vitally contributing.
Their roots originate before the ‘tithis’ were charted. They did not evolve to be disconnected from their roots as they understand that leaving a world of actuals and live an illusion is not the purpose.
Lesson: In life, the only truth and certainty known is birth and death. Between the two is the space called madness, it varies from one to another and the one who is not mad seems like the mad man.
A life without such complexities, just like a honey bee or an ant, a simple life, yet vitally contributing.
I came to know of the ‘Kumbaras’, the Children of the Earth as i call them, more closer.
'Samagra Vikas Yojana' ,- Holistic Integrated Development, led me to another dimension of life, people, culture, work and how they connect with each other.
My journey begins at 'wadanekurushi', a small village located few kilometers from Shoranur. I will share my story as i am compiling episodes and seasons. This is in continuation to my previous post
and to be continued...there are many more characters to meet in this Journey.