Saturday, January 11, 2014

White Board Painting

I had some extra time, who am i kidding, i have a lot of spare time now and i've been doing this and that, have been here and there lately. one of which was went sailing , -4 degrees and catching crabs near the oman border on the eve of new year's.
 been a while since i was here. thought i would swing by to update my digital journal with something i would call it art, i call it art cause this kind of art does not need to be perfect. its not like the other types of art like knowing to play the compositions of Mozart or Beethoven which has to be perfect else it would be unpleasant noise.
most famous paintings has a title, well this is not going to be famous as this painting was done by me, and moreover it is no longer on the board now. i erased it...a lost masterpiece indeed,. this is one sitting job, started at 3 in the morning over 3 hrs... i need to see a sleep doctor for sure.
who the hell is calling me now...