Saturday, July 13, 2013

The way we were and now !

The rich has money, so nothing to worry, the poor has any, so less to merry, but it is the one between goes through the chaos.  Brought up in a middle working class family, dad works hard, mom works at home taking care of us and the home and our duty is to obey our parents and adhere to social demands.
I’m glad that though we were brought up with many hardships, we are now able to understand the value of things, and respect our parents what they have done for us to be who we are today. But it really sadness and it is sure a matter of concern about how kids are raised today. I see modern day parents and the methods of parenting are going too extreme. Their love for their kids is weakening them and they have no power to place important control mechanisms. Today’s kids start to rebel at the age of 5. Blame the parents for letting things fall free. Maybe because that they want to give their kids the best, but they fail to understand that if they make it all too convenient for their kids, the kids will never be able to understand or realize that life is not a rainbow to go on ice skating.
I write this because of particular event that happened recently in my apartment building. I was just getting back from meeting and it was a hard day at work and I forgot my keys to my apartment. I rang the bell and was waiting for someone to open the door.  The time I was waiting, I could hear the neighbor’s 15 yr old girl yelling at her mother, it was like as if something has possessed her or I felt the devil was talking as I have never such words that can come out of a child’s mouth.
“you fucking bitch, you have fucking no right to ask me what I’m up to or what I’m doing’, you fucking asshole, stay out of my business, whore! You don’t know what I’m capable of; I will pour gasoline and burn you to death while you are sleeping bitch! Just don’t put your nose into my business you piece of shit, I will cut you  into two”
I was banging on my apartment door hoping to have someone open the door sooner and let me in. I just want to shut myself behind, cuz it really frighted me, i fear that tomorrow these kids will grow up and they will kill us while we are sleeping. It won’t be zombies, it will be these kids turning against us for doing the right thing, or doing the wrong thing as they presume it.  
At that time I just put myself in her mother’s shoes and felt, that the day I held her in my arms as a baby, kissed her on her forehead and prayed to god that to protect her from evil, raise her like a princess, to be gentle, kind, and forever loving me.  I will raise her with all my love and I will do my part to protect her and offer the best of life.  But what has become of that mother’s prayer is so not right at all.
 I thought of how we were raised, if we even try to say something back, or even think of rebelling against our parents, the next moment our parents will not hesitate of throwing us out on the street and lock the door.  It scared us that without their love, support we are nothing and nobody else will care or love like those two individuals.

This respect and commitment from one human to another taught us, or at least me that what is more important and how must you value things in life.
To all the parents out there, in the name of love, don’t destroy your kids. They are influenced from the society and the things that they see. They are taking only the bad things and closing their eyes on the good things. I’m not trying say that to raise your children like the Amish family, but while offering anything as a parent ensure you make your child understand the value, relate things more to life. When your child throws food at your face, don’t feed them for a day so that they realize the life of a hungry poor child out there who prays that someone throws a piece of bread at them.  Sometimes tough love and necessary toughness is required to bring things back to right alignment.

Consider this if only you care about bringing your child as a good human being.