Monday, October 27, 2008

Hey btw...met Amir

Yea met with him in Mumbai.
I have seen few small time celebs throwing big time attitude and I dint get the feel from him though he is a big time celeb.
Amir is fine as an actor and as a person, he is like one of us (just that he is in bollywood and it is a crazy pl ).
I remember the way he answered questions that the media was shooting at him, few of them was totally irrelevant. It was at the launch of the tata sky + PVR launch where I heard one of the media guys asked him “I heard that your nephew said that his uncle has the best body ever in the movie ‘Gajini’”.
(What? Man its is a launch of an advanced version of the dth and you asking him some candy ass question)
So, he was cool and he simply asks the person to repeat the question, twice, then thrice… until the media person himself got embarrassed of his question.
After the event, i was with the team and met him in his room at the Hyatt and we had a small chat, I gave him my card and asked him to call me if he needed anything (hehehehe… yea right)

but this isn't over man...there is gonna be more post on the behavior of media at the event.Media Madness i say...!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Let’s call this ‘User Friendly Entertainment’! – DVR in DTH

It really doesn’t make sense for one to imagine or think of some technical enhancement that can make our television viewing much friendlier and highly flexible.

Back in the 70s, recording your favorite shows was just a part of the daily routine. Using a video recorder and some controls, this was made simple. That may have been the year of innovation of the video recorder.

Well those things reach this land very slow; however it was a good effort to include this feature to one of the DTH services available today.

Tata Sky has it now, I’m not sure when the dealers will get a hand on those new set up boxes…

So, gone are the days for one to hear this…..

‘Man, I got to go to work today and I am gonna miss today’s cricket finals and God knows when and which channel will they telecast the highlights’…..

That is so true. Or the Saas Bahu….ahh cripes. Sitcoms! … Who cares about the Saas and Bahus series man????? … Someone please tell me that people won’t use this trendy technology to record those kinds of crap of all shows….

So, do you think a 100+ GB of storage facility within the set up box will record the match for you? Hell yeah, may be the whole season. And sit back, lay back on the shack and relax watching those highlights.. (since you know the score already hee hee!!)

But I can see that there are some TV glued people who were buzzed about the whole thing that, Tata Sky was coming up with the DVR (digital video recorder) feature at the initial launch of the product, and they were disappointed. No more, as the DVR is on its way.

This could be the Tata sky 2.0 launch huh? Nice time to do this as there is a new competition has born. But the others don’t have the feature but has other features like… I don’t know what.

If Tata Sky can do this I bet someone is gonna come up with the same add on feature and add another kick in the ass feature like ’ buy the newly improved XXX DTH which comes with your own personal satellite revolving the orbit’.

Heh heh … well lets wait and watch!

Why am I talking about it, well I happened to be at the launch as one of my friend pulled me to see how a big brand do such launches.

So I’m gonna write about the whole event and my experiences, and I’m going trip ...u know i trip...

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