Thursday, December 25, 2008


we came across this girl at a restaurant in Chiang Mai. she was serving food there and she seems to be fine and cool.but i think her co workers were trying to pull her leg or something. I'm sure they gave her the t-shirt man...can you read it...?
i'm sorry but ..that's just hilarious!

Tia and Mia

I gave them those names then, cause their names were long and twisted. It was like learning the whole language ' thai'. So i kept it simple...they were very peaceful and very funny.
Tia and Mia...

What are you doing?

This kid was sitting around and playing with his cat ok...and i thought i can be friendly and take some, that kid has some childhood problems i believe.
He gave me a look like 'why are you taking my pic, you damn tourists, do i look like a freak show to you'...
i sensed that out, took a shot and gave him 20 bath. he took it and continued with his stare and i moved off to keep a safe distance.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bring It On !

We kicked ass in Kargil… and now they want to get a dosy dose again ?! alright its christmas, season to give and lets give it to them.

And now I don’t understand why our PM acts like a little girl in a big boy pants…’we don’t want war’... this isn't war man …this is justice , this is judgment and we will sort out the good and evil.

And if any commie from the east tries to support our enemies…man…it would be personal.

I would purchase a Barret M107 .50 caliber and place myself in the border and gun down every single mf before he takes his position or a shot. Yea…bring it on you SOBs !

Image taken from here

My dream home

That's my dream home man , what a design and master piece architecture ...this castle is located on one of the islands near Phuket ...i can settle down there for the rest of my life...all i need is a record player and tons of led zeppelin tracks and some apples... "drink all my wine, smoke all my stuff" and wait for "the spring time of my loving" ...i step out and it would be the sea...and i can enjoy both, the sun set and sun rise, that's better than watching tv man.
and by the end of my journey i shall smile and drift smoothly into the 'bright white light'...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Two colors only

I've been shooting pics with all colors and with flash and stuff... but i also love to take b/w photographs.Since i have a Nikon D40 i have to put it in P mode and play with lot of functions to take a decent b/w pic. I have trouble doing all that since i gotta learn to use the camera.
My inspiration is from Suchitra, she is my blog list , google her name or you can find her in flickr.
I love her work...some amazing b/w pics from check it out.
So now i have started to take few pics which i know is not so good but i'm working on it you know.
so if anybody has anything so say...write back an opinion.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I stopped baking myself

After 6years of smoking and several attempts to quit during that period, I finally managed to leave the habit behind and carry on as I was before …healthy…clean…strong.

I don’t feel serious withdrawal symptoms or disturbances of any kind.

I feel good.

One of the Indies, Anwin, quit smoking early this year and was very successful.true inspiration...

He read something and quit…I woke up one morning and quit…He mentioned it is a 80% mind and 20%body effect…that is true.

I have stronger mind and that helped me…

So friends, countrymen and fellow morons QUIT SMOKING !

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Change Authority, Change Today !

Mission:Rebuild India

Started by one, followed by thousands and I'm one of the supporters.
Waiting for rest of the millions to join towards one goal- Rebuilding this nation, Rebuild India.

We know we were weak, weak in all terms for that matter. We were weak even to think logically that what will happen to this nation if a uneducated, zero experience on whatsoever and an anti social is chosen as a leader.What has become of today's India is a perfect example of choosing those white clothed scum bags as leaders. India is badly wounded because of them.
In a way we made the huge mistake.
We voted, we chose , we gave a chance and now we are the ones who are terribly and tragically affected.

Now, Raise up ! Stand up ! Question Authority for why you and I have to suffer for no fault of ours.

I have some questions and i NEED answers and hell yea i'll get them.

Join the Mission Rebuild India and get your questions answered.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Need a caption?

i took this pic. i don't know what i was thinking then but i do remember that i saw a empty bottle of JD before i shut myself down...
hmmm...ok... so the caption for this pic is 'responsibility' what else can you think of?

hey i think of an ol'd Rugby joke

Man: (standing naked in front of the mirror) ...just two inches more and i'll be the king...
Woman: hmp...two inches less and you will be the queen asshole...

hehehehe thats some good stuff man...those rugby jokes...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Was little paranoid man ! that's all

I don't know man...something got into me as you can see from my previous post.
'mind fucked' is the word man.

i watched some Eddie Murphy, Chris Tucker and Russell's stand ups to get over it ...but made it worse wasn't funny any more.

i need a box of rockets, tie them around me and blast into the sky or something man...

this sucks man...anyways...


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

War Within

Never had the feeling before, but was expected, and now it has got into the hearts and minds of the ones we are among, evolving within us in all disguises, uncertainty.
And damn, the mind is getting adapted to the uncertain end.

Feeling the one whom you know is not around anymore and you are to yourself questioning, whether to play with the devil and react as the same evil or stop, cease the moment and regain the pure selfness.

I'm responsible for this and so are you. If you think this is about terrorism , fuck that, we have seen a lot and we will see more.
It is about what we started very early, pursuing the things which are uncertain in all means.

The most feared virus is out there infecting every single mind existing. Leading everyone to fierce anger and hate.
We are in war, a war within ourselves.

I see friends fight, I see partners split, I feel hate among the loved, I feel the uncertain tomorrow is leading everyone to the broken bridge and I see most of us killing each other and pushing the one behind to take the fall first.

Sad truth, it is now beyond repair, and the Mighty is all tied and watching us end the game.