Monday, November 7, 2011

Infiltrating illusions and sheer deception

Leaving India was not something I had planned, ever. But, I had to leave India that is what had meant for me to do. You know the voices in your head, more like the voices in your heart, to say. So I chose to follow my heart.
I had business with the people in UAE, Bahrain and Qatar, and when my wife received an offer to join the health care sector as a trainer/learning and development specialist. I thought it would be ok to move to a new terrain where the "view" would be different.

I have left home before, several times, but never too far as this one would be . I always make it short and I will come back home before the next season changes. 

When i stepped out of the aircraft it was hot, the weather was not friendly, it was someone holding a zippo lit near your face, and sticking it on your cheeks every time the wind blows. It was the time of Ramadan and the middle east experience extreme weather conditions. 
That is when I heard, back home it is dark and raining and my people enjoying the long bottom leaf smoke and whisky.
The minute I landed into the nations of the Arabs, my mind and body started to transform and make adjustments to the new environment. Perceptions that had influenced the mind changed immediately. What we knew of the middle eastern people and the tribe culture is not all that complete. We have been receiving broken information and incorrect news about the people of this land. Now I know why they call the TV the idiot box, and papers as bullshit in print.

Facts are facts and if you have the wisdom, you will have the ability to see the difference. It’s like this, there is existence of hunger in the world and there is existence of ‘black hole’ in the universe, but what we choose to give more attention, makes the difference.

Took off from the road did I? I have that; it is ADD, like I can’t read a book with too many descriptions on a subject. I will start to literally visualizing it and be water coloring it in my mind.
I was picked up by new set of people from the airport, a Canadian couple, my wife’s colleagues. Very kind of them to do that, cuz I wouldn’t do that. On the way they were talking abut the ‘things to do’ here. My first ‘thing to do’ plan was to fill the tub with beer and drown myself to coma.

They were old timers, playing golf, tennis, cycling and the regular old timer things. I was looking for activities that involves a higher level of strain to the body, like mma , kickboxing, horse riding , rock climbing, yes, one of them can kill me. 

So was I inquiring about them about Krav maga classes, if they had any around, the couple did not know what that was so I started to explain to them as it is a Israeli martial arts , combat technique used by mossads  training . And the man driving asked me to ‘stop right there’, I was thinking that he had a question about how to pronounce krav maga , he asked me to repeat and confirm’ did you just say ‘Israeli martial arts’??
I said yes ‘Israeli martial arts’, and he with a warning tone, turned and looked at me as if he works for the intelligence agency, and said “you will never use the word Israel or Israeli in this land. It is forbidden”
So I asked him, why is it forbidden,? Please tell me the exact reason. he repeated 'it is forbidden' So I knew that there was not a real reason as why. But on the surface level most of us who reads and flips through bbc and cnn knows that it is forbidden. Why it started , what was the real reason for it to start. Not a clue.
So now you are making boundaries between me and the Israeli’s? it is the matter left to two tribes, it is the matter left with two governments , it is the matter left to the people who does not matter to us. So why are you making those boundaries?.

 You have come here to dig for gold, get your gold, fill that hole of your life and get out! If I or anyone has the heart to love or give respect each other’s existence, you cannot and will not try to stop it or forbid it.

Can’t blame that man, he reads the paper when he wakes up and watches tv before he sleeps. It is a point where the mind is too weak and resting, so hypnotizing it, is too easy. He is been windup like a toy to repeat things as told but not to reason what has been told.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Will, the real blogger please stand up ?

Through the last few years, until recent times of virtual communication and networking, the concept of blogging and the prominence of blogs in influencing personalities and perspectives have been and are still measured with immense reception. Blogging is the latest modus operandi of content distribution and sharing. Blogs are by itself a repository of knowledge, news, and verticals of information. These platforms provide a personal review of different subjects that revolve around with customized insights from each individual, each blogger. And a blog has many definitions of its own and can go on more about it.
Enthusiasts continue to utilize this medium by the hour, as they realize that communication is important and so is a personal viewpoint. Details that trigger discussions cannot be set by character limitations and needs to be elaborated with clarity, evidences, sensitivity, and references. These details can however then are compared, contrasted, and debated upon between different lines of societal thinking; mainly referring to bloggers who may have thoughts and viewpoints otherwise from what is being stated.
Blogging sets a whole new dimension. In the blogosphere, one does not need a name, a place, a set of people, or the perfect subject to start on with their discussion with the world. The intensity of the subject of a blog and its post is what entices interpreters. No one chooses a blog based on the number of friends he or she has. Unlike other social networking platforms, this is one space you will be known for who you are and not someone you are not.
The concept of blogging has groomed in a manner that it has become more about community building, rather than exhibiting content. Bloggers these days have the power to revolutionize and improve what’s in existence. Just three lines in a post are sufficient to influence a reader and make him accept or disagree about what is being discussed.
Unfortunately, in India , the power of words are not utilized for the right purpose and it is more inclined towards unrealism such as conceptualizing on new theories that does not matter to anyone, Bollywood (the Indian movie industry ) cricket and corporates who treats bloggers as content developers and not people who would really influence decisions . This goes to the main stream media as well such as the press, commonly known as propagandist and corporate whores. They are always asked, paid for, and made to write the content directly or indirectly. The questions is, are both medium realistic or more materialistic?
What’s interesting is that in India there are more than 2 lakh + bloggers, the regional language ones are more than the ones who writes in English. The difference is that, the regional ones talk about the real world and the facts and the other mostly about the world they have made of their own. The readership is less for the later compared to the former.
We fail to understand the medium called blog that has the power to communicate cross border, understand cross culture and even educate the uneducated about each other’s existence. That is what we require now. Commercializing it while the struggle is over your capacity of resistance is not the current requirement.
You are given the power to communicate, through various medium and forms, use it responsibly and be of use to the society.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Fear of ‘Ultimate Power’.

Has ‘superman’ ever thought that when he is flying 30000 mts above at 500 miles/ hr, he loses his flying power?
The greatest Fear after attaining all superior powers is, losing those powers . That is when one realizes that with great powers, comes great responsibility and along with it comes the greatest Fear.
That fear is the dark side of all invincible beings.
To protect Ultimate powers, the power is shared, and when the power is shared, it is misused, and that is when the system becomes corrupt.
Superior powers always resist themselves from entering into a transparent space. They must also protect the ones with who powers are shared. They want to be excluded from questioning and scrutiny.And more is shared ... until the ultimate power weakens, a total imbalance, chaos and distrust.
But, Only the strongest heart can hold the ultimate power, only the indigenous one can withhold it. And there will be optimum balance in existence.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fall of Nations

The Governments of Nations are losing their powers. Trust laid upon them dissolves in doubt. The human race is in starvation of truth and hunger for a free world that can let them live in peace as ordered initially.
But the controllers have deceived an army of templars, knights and assassin to fight till end. A war that is not of this world.
Darkness has an appetite for brightness, and the mouth is as bigger than the whole land of the beings. Not a chance of survival. The fangs of darkness are poisonous that it injects desire, the agent of  all destruction.
Desire is the secret ally to the dark side. When things go wrong in 1:1000 it is bound to be 1:100000 soon and when you become part of the equation,it will all be too late...
Power misused becomes negative, devastating energy that goes out and comes around. It has now turning its course upon us. That is natural.
Walk in the center and let others walk their own. Be sure not to follow or be followed. Stand alone to show the difference, exercise your rights. You will be free and nations shall raise once again for peace for a 1000 years to come.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Drill ships cruises over Earth

After our two days of stay near Perumal Malai , we decided to head back to Chennai and continue the story on Kalpakkam atomic plant. When we reached Krishnagiri, we made a small change in course and planned to check out one last place, the mountains of Yercuad. It was once the play grounds of the British Raj. But It was once actually the kingdom for some of the most exotic species of birds and animals. But for making it safer for the humans to stay, they hunted, shot and killed many bears and leopards and wiped out most reptiles, reduced the populations of  elephants and bisons. One can hardly spot foxes and some wild boars these days.
We reached yercuad around 11 pm and boarded a place to rest for the night . In the morning we walked to a nearby stream for a swim. The water was extremely cold and it was raining too. It was like placing your body for charge with coldness.
We had our bags packed ready at the hotel and quickly finished our breakfast and climbed down the mountain, heading our way back home.
While we were coming down the mountain, I saw something that i felt, it just cannot be.Sand quarrying agents have dug out more than 100 feet into earth , and for more than 50 sq km area in total. Its gone. As I was adjusting my lens for a clear shots , I met an old villager who also stood next to me and was watching what I was doing.
I asked him, what happened down there? , “that was once the great forest region in this district filled with centurion trees and animals. He pointed and made a circle to mark at a place and told me , there was once a huge hill stood there. They brought it down to ground level. There were 3 such hills and they all are gone now” he said.
The pics that might help you understand how the land is being eaten up like a caterpillar chewing on a leaf. Look close to the left corner of the first pic, you will find the beginning and then the huge gapping hole dug after. It has now reached the foot of another hill and after few months you will not be able to find the hill that you can see now in the picture. They will dig all they can but will never fill that big hole in their lives.

You cannot have a piece of everything. You are not entitled to. Its the land that is shared by you and me and no one has the right to own it even if the government (organization formed by a group of criminals and hoodlums) sanctions a percentage approval on sand quarrying.
The sand is used for construction and for production of bricks and for many other reason. It would be the same material that would have been used to build the new office for the forest reserve department in Salem.
It is like this, a huge ultra luxury resort hotel clears up a place on top of these hills , bringing down trees and build a spectacular property with imported lawns and flowers etc... The funniest thing is that, you destroyed what was naturally beautiful, and placed your customized nature and hold a sign that reads “do not walk on the lawn, do not pluck flowers, do not disturb the environment”… what in the world is that and how insane is that.
The tall hills are the reason for the climatic balance in that region and these hills and mountains are disappearing on a daily basis. The pace of devastation is faster than creation.
I can‘t wait to see them answered with great vengeance. In the fire of these industries of hell, everything will fall and burn in it.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sharing their Paradise

As we entered the home of ‘Chettaee’, Maalu and Vishnu emerged from their tin roofed house. I was expecting it would be like the tree house of ‘Moopan’, the 90 year old man who lives in the trees house in Kothamangalam. But it was made it to tin as they often had issues of heavy storm and animals trying to enter the house.
in pic from right to left, Maalu , the mother ,the father and Vishnu.
Maalu brought us tea and rusks , it was good refreshing. Vishnu was getting ready to go up to the mountain where his mother was at farming. Maalu too joined her brother to help their parents in farming. Even as their schools were closed they didn’t want to leave home and go elsewhere or sit home and watch tv.
They say that there is no place in the earth that can give them peace like home. And with peace in mind, everything else becomes secondary.
This is where we stayed; take a look at the back ground. That is the piece of earth they hold. Up the mountain, there are many trees that gave varieties kinds of fruits and vegetables. Birds and animals seems like just arrived set of fresh species.

Saji (Chettaee) pointed me towards a cave up the mountain and told me that he had tried to explore the cave and said have walked in about a kilometer but not sure if he wants to further in without a crew. He says he can hear gushing water and other sounds that anyone would doubt to go further.
Look close to see the cave. drew a line to point the cave's location

We have promised to explore the cave on our next trip.
As we were entering the forest to explore his farm, we heard dogs bark in distress. Saji chettan and the other farmers quickly ran into his hut and picked up spears and came out and stood in front of us. They said that there is a creature, the color of its skin or fur is like ash, and the eyes are red, the tail is long like the panther but has the face of a wolf. This creature has attacked 3 people in the last 1 year and has taken away their watch dogs and killed their live stocks.
One of the reasons for Saji to explore the cave is to stop this creature terrorizing the paradise. But he believes that it also needs to utilize the space around so they try to coexist.
Later in the evening, we were taken into the jungle for hunting. Yes, we found some energy food and we brought it home for cooking. Cannot describe as what we were cooking and eating. It looked like a Tasmanian bear but it is not. It looks like a rabbit but it is not. But the tribes say that these things breed like fishes and there are plenty here.

Later a long days work we were given few sheets of cloth to sleep on it and we were given the space they once used to stock and breed chicken. It was warm and very comfortable.
He also had a surprise for us when he took us to another farm, when we reached the farm; we all thought that if we ever get into the agriculture sector, we will be farming this! (sorry can't disclose what it was)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Waking up in paradise!

Around 2 in the morning we were crossing NH 49, steering through the Western Ghats and reached the small village of ’Rendam Mile’ Idduki district in Kerala. It was pitch dark and we did not have enough charge on our flash lights. However, we navigated through the woods with the help of some moon light. We were supposed to hike up a mile to reach a small tribal hamlet on top of the mountain. It was too late to climb so we thought to camp mid way and climb the rest in the morning. The breeze was so cold that it put us all to sleep like we took a hit with tranquilizer shot.
In the morning, it was like someone waking you; I could hear singing tunes from a distance as I am still half in sleep. It was too cold to sleep more so I slowly woke up and what I saw is this …

The song was from a blue koel, he was so gracious and beautiful in singing and I could sense his excitement. The excitement on an everyday basis. Who wouldn’t sing out of joy when living in paradise?
In my 30 years of waking up from sleep, I never have woken in a peaceful state; it would either be my alarm, or the sounds from the kitchen, door bell or the disturbing levels of decibels from the street, or worse it by thinking of the day ahead in the industrial jungle of metal and fire.
I think the picture would explain my experience…
I looked up the mountain as we needed to climb up more to reach the village, finding the feasible path to climb. I was told that the people up there live like gods.
I was told that they are strangers to no one. To them we are their distant relatives, visiting them. They knew we are coming and they were expecting us. We could hear their dogs barking, as even they knew that we were coming to visit.
We climbed for about 30 mins and we saw faces emerging from the bushes, we did not even realize they were watching us. One man came out from the bush, waved his hand and said, “This way”.
We followed him; he told us that we will be staying at Saji’s house, a cardamom and ginger farmer. He also told us that he is setting up a tent for us outside his house.
This is the land of the God's own people; here all is one to nature and nothing mightier than it.
The strong scents of flowers were increasing as we were reaching their place. Saji’s was the last house in the mountain and it seems to me that I was at the door step of the golden gate. The dogs were the first to welcome us ... Tipu, the alpha male was verifying our ids :)
To continue…

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Lost Hobbits Of India

As we climbed gaining on more altitude, breathing became heavy and hard. The wind was against our climb and it was dry cold. We needed to stop and sip some water to energies. I saw some big slated rock over a patch of tall lemon grass.
I showed my team the spot and climbed up on it and sat on the rock overseeing the valley below. The view was as if it was from a watch tower, can see the entrance and exit of the mountain.
That’s when Mattuchami, our guide pointed to the rock I was sitting on a said “do you know where you are sitting?”, “a 4000 year old hobbit’s home”. We were pretty thrilled about that find. It was more like the stone hedges found in middle earth.

The locals call them ‘Kullamanidhargal’ meaning ,short people/dwarfs. But i believe that those people weren’t dwarfs, they had the strength, wisdom and knowledge more than a dwarf tribe or pygmies for instance.

They were the guardians (not sure as what they were guarding) asper the puranas, they had significant strength. If you look at it, each home is made by a single hobbit and each rock is carried from the river bed where these slates are easily chipped out but very heavy to be carried by one hobbit. The river flows at the foot of the mountain where these rocks lay. The trek up was too difficult and long, wonder how they managed to carry those rocks.
These hobbits were often attacked by elephants and they had no strength or the power to tame or fight against them. The locals say they moved from one place to another to avoid being killed by the elephants. These hobbits do not come out to live with the developed society. They do not wish to do so for many reasons. Insecurity, inferiority and the folklores about the slavery... They were hunted, captured and killed by the invaders, and top reason is that they felt a lot safer in the forest.
The guide told us where we can find them today. He has given us the contact to reach to them. They live in the hills of Idduki dist and are well protected within a forest reserve. A man from the missionary has promised to take us to them. We have been asked to carry tobacco and some salt as offerings.
Packing for the non sabbatical… meanwhile, follow the cult tour tales…
I have uploaded some pics from the virtual connecting the story above. The idol showing the hobbit tribe carrying rocks, and the black and white picture is from a British photographer’s collection.
The rest of the pictures of the hobbits homes is from our camera.

Deadliest falls, diving into the mouth of the devil.

It was last friday evening and we were planning to go for a swim at a near by club in Chennai . When we reached the place, it was like a water buffalo convention. The pool was packed. We came back home and thought we should find a nice spot to swim with peace and less dirt.

So we packed our backpacks and set to the western ghats near ‘Perumal Malai’ a mountain range near the forests of KodaiKanal , in Tamil Nadu.We reached the valley around 4 in the morning and explored the village to find a spot to stay.

I prefer finding a small shack and live there but my friends were little uncomfortable staying in shacks and cabins. We found a small resting place called the elephant valley resort. I did not pay much attention to the ambience or anything but was keen to hit the woods asap.
We dropped our bags, picked up our trekking kit and left. Had a map of the forest, took the copy from the forest officials and a nav-compass. A local farmer as the guide and we moved into deep jungle.
We had to cross about three mountains to see the tallest waterfall. It is not a usual tourist spot as the trek up and down is too difficult for regular tourists or for a film crew. 

The highlight is that there were at least 50 deaths recorded in that spot. Includes couple of Germans and British tourists. The falls has a cave where the water falls that goes more than 500 feet down into the earth and no one knows where it ends. Once a rich businessman from Andhra Pradesh dived in and was caught by the whirl and sucked him into the cave. Deep sea pearl divers from tuticorin were brought in to find his body but even they feared to go as the currents were too strong.
 We stopped at a safe spot and had  a peaceful swim.

We did not go close to the fall, we swam away from it. We can’t afford to die this early or this way.
We found a cave were we took rest. Believed to be the cave where Pandavas once lived during their 'vanavasam'. Have the image on this post
And by evening we climbed another mountain to avoid crossing elephants and bisons . Walking by the foot of those mountains you are sure to be roughed up by an elephant or something.
When we reached the top, i saw rock slabs over the tall grass, a very ideal place to rest and view the sun set. I climbed on to one of the rocks and sat. The guide smiled and said, “do you know where you are sitting?”, “you are right now sitting on a 4000 year old home of a hobbit“
I slowly stood up and I could see atleast a dozen more like them over the hill, a small hamlet of those hobbits once lived here.
The homes of the lost hobbits of India.
To be continued…

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kulikhaa , an Art-craft-argi-cult Carnival

Artisans from more than 15 states, displays ranging from more than 100 artistic creatives .The products that are coming out this time are different but you will also find the regular bamboo chairs, blue pottery and wall murals. But imagine if you were given access to hold on to a copper coin that has the symbol of the sun. Place the coin at the center of your forehead and concentrate your focus on the center of the coin, you will feel a little heat generating. The procedure is done during the day time when the sun is either setting or rising. Slowly open your eyes and try to see the sun. One can see th black spots of the sun with their naked eyes.
You will come across spears used by the Naga tribes, the clay pots that are different to cook your vegetables from meat, the 5 metal combined water holder, like a bucket. No need to heat the water artificially , just fill water in the vessel and keep it under the sun for about an 1hr. The water will not only be hot but it will carry content that protects and shields your body from impurities.
A great opportunity to meet some of India’s very gifted artisans, like Sivji of Iringal, who has a unique way of signing on his statue work. It is said that old sages and sanyaasis complete their pilgrimage and visit him. They will request him to make a statue of theirs. Sivji makes their statues and in about 4 or 5 days the person attains moksha. Sivji doesn’t like his name listed under ripley’s believe it or not as he says that it is no joke while he makes their statue as he would dream how their death will be.
This is an update to the previous post. It is now confirmed that the gathering of the eminent artisans will take place.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kulikhaa – Experience The Unknown

Kulikhaa – elementally meaning, Artisan of Eminent Birth
If you are a squirrel, the tree is your own heaven.
A life compensated with utmost care from nature against all the inorganic desires.
A synergy of pure spirits that come together for contributing the best in securing the ‘tree of life’ for the ‘squirrel’ to live . A collaboration of the ones who are close to realism and away from the obnoxious needs. An event exclusively for the people willing to experience the unknown.
Preponderance of their humble ability is an experience to be seen and felt. As they come from the mighty care of nature, so is the art born of them. The people, music, dance, food, language, beliefs, and philosophy are so unique that at the end of the journey experiencing the above ends in realizing the self.
It always thrills me every time to walk the trail which leads to me. Ask no question and seek no answer. It will come to you.
We are meeting soon, we are coming together at a centrally located place in the spiritual land of Kerala. They say the good time to come out is during ‘Onam’ season or before. So during the period we are planning to open the doors to the ones who are willing to experience.
The news will be out in someday and everyone will know of it officially.
Come with an open heart and feel the purity. Tips: the way is authenticity.
Intergalactic back packing has started; ready to walk a non-sabbatical voyage!!! The purpose is to bring them together to the mentioned location and provide them with what and how they want things in the order. They will tell us how they need to be accessed during the engagement.
There are few who are willing to join the journey and wants to enter the original dimension of reality.
Please be advised that if you find a snake curled around your neck while sleeping in the tree houses of Kothmangalam or Nelambur, don’t panic, relax, smile in your heart and go back to sleep. The reality , you either wake up or you continue your sleep.
(the image on this post is under processing and is not the final version, but i can't wait to tell)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Replace 'Twinkle Twinkle little stars' with ''Ek Chidiya - Anek Chidiya'

'Twinkle twinkle little stars how I wonder what you are ' honestly I didn’t wonder what they are and I still don’t.
In my head I knew that stars are bright objects that are far away from earth and there is no point spending too much of time gazing at it or even singing a nursery rhyme about it. That is my view; there was nothing that I learned from that ‘twinkle stars jingle’…
Looking at things around, the messy situation in which the minds are submerged now, is a result of what was taught at homes or at schools or by the mentors. What we learned was controlled by a system. A system that injects the non required and restricts the required.
Unfortunately they missed to correlate some of the most impacting day to day incidents that connect to great morals and values of life and share the infinite experiences in their teachings.
There are lessons to be learned before the fundamentals. Even much before the A,B,C,D…
One does not need to go to school to learn how to be gentle, be understanding, be helpful, be responsible, be honest, learn to trust, be integrated and safe guard the integrity.
I do not remember reading poems or stories that is based on those elements. Or even if the content have those elements, the focus is not to understand the true meaning or try applying in practice but read it and secure good scores and what else...
An ant does not go to school to understand that it must maintain its integrity and commitment for the welfare of its society. So where do they get to learn that?
A dog knows to love, trust, and be loyal to its master, so who teaches them to be that way?
Lets share this ; what I liked and what I understood and what I learned from a very old 1974 NCERT animated promo on national integration and unity in diversity by the Indian Govt. The cartoon is in Hindi, language does not matter as the meaning is applicable and common for all.
Ek Chidiya- Anek Chidiya
Such a beautiful message, in this animation, the elder sister teaches the little brother many things about life based on the incidents surrounding them. She teaches him to count, corrects his grammar, and explains to him about 'trust', 'integrity', and 'unity in diversity' by using simplest of the examples covering everything that is important about ethics and the righteous way forward in living it.
In the past we have missed to understand a lot , if such lessons were taught in every home and to every child; today would be a better day than yesterday.
So shouldn't we replace Twinkle Twinkle little stars with Ek Chidiya Anek Chidiya (can translate to English but the original meaning should not be missed) .

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The colors of water

The reflection of the sky is very clear to be seen on the surface of the water. The imagination makes you look closer, one cannot see the sky yet one can see its reflection on the water.

Reality is the original truth and the universe lets it radiate and nothing has a chance to cease it.

This is the work of Mothi, a Pondicherry based artists who is currently working on ‘wall murals’.
He does a lot of experiment with lens, lights, colors; his research enables him to produce more new techniques to articulate the art of water coloring.
His interest in his regional culture is exhibited through his painting. His work depicts the beautiful culture of Tamil Nadu.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Natyagriha, Of 'Chakyar Koothu' and Sanskrit

“I see artisans living in a world of endless opportunities utilizing invaluable traditional skills along with the wisdom inherited by them and tapping into their creative potentials through craft as a medium consequently providing the world outside of them a classic range of rareness; exclusive products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also eco-friendly having a unique functional value”- Vinit John Ninan , shared one of his visions during my visit to Wadanekurussi.
We were accompanied by Surej, he works for Radio Mango, holds masters in Sanskrit, plays the ‘Mizhavu , and exceptionally performs ‘Chakyar Koothu ‘and knows quite amount of history and folklore. Some of it was information that were lost in the past and the man travels back into time, digs into the clues and bring them out to present.
His mission is to make the community understand their origin; make them understand their heritage and history, realize their valuable traditional skills.

Since we had the plan of creating a digital archive, he brought in Pradeep who has a HD professional camera. It was a one day shoot and it began at 4 in the morning so that we don’t miss the rising sun t, the rooster and the waking of ‘kumbhara Kuttigal’. ‘A day in the Life of a Kumbhara’- ‘Kumbharandey Koodey our divasam’. It was really interesting to give some directions to some of the shots and helped Surej finish his work.  
Surej spearheads ‘Natyagriha, one of Samgrah Vikas Yojna’s visions.
This is an introduction about this personality who works for networking in and connecting the roots. He wants to give a good finishing to an abruptly ended story.
This post has many words that are regional and will be explained as the story goes on

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Transforming energies of emotion

Life was simple and sufficiently provided with everything to live with and leave behind for the next to come . The almighty Sun, the ever flowing massive forest river with fishes, the centurions that stand tall providing nourishments, and most of it was the way of the kumbharas and their fascinating life style.

Each day begins with ‘Om Suryaya namah’ , worshiping the ultimate energy, the Sun, and the day ends with the kallum, paattum’ an evening activity that reminds to all member s that ‘we are all here and we are all happy and so will be others’.
The kumbharas respect their history; known their continued struggle, no letters in their language, alienates them from the local land men, unnatural deaths and all this and yet among them I find immense brightness even in the darkest of the living hours.
I came across Lakshmi at Nelambur, a middle aged widow with dull sleepy eyes which never glances at the clock since it has slowed her down from the time her husband passed away. She has no children and lives all alone.
She does not talk or move around the village much. The beauty is that Lakshmi transforms her emotions into creative energies; her hidden talent was provoked by everything that is happening around her. She wanted to have happy family, a loving husband, a home, children, togetherness, she desired for a simple life.
These clay figurines were made by Lakshmi , she is a kumbhari who is an artist/an artisan/a gifted designer. She writes her stories on those clay figurines that she makes. The clay dances in the hand of this artist .These are priceless artifacts that are just not made by hobby artisans or design workshops. These are made by authentic Kumbharas with traditional way of processing the clay, heating, resting and sculpted with a lot of feel, …if you understand what i mean.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Children of the Earth

I see the glow, like a reflection of the sun on those faces. I feel the energy trusted on their spirits. I sense the purity in their existence. Living is simple, yet vitally contributing.
Their roots originate before the ‘tithis’ were charted. They did not evolve to be disconnected from their roots as they understand that leaving a world of actuals and live an illusion is not the purpose.
Lesson: In life, the only truth and certainty known is birth and death. Between the two is the space called madness, it varies from one to another and the one who is not mad seems like the mad man.
A life without such complexities, just like a honey bee or an ant, a simple life, yet vitally contributing.
I came to know of the ‘Kumbaras’, the Children of the Earth as i call them, more closer.
'Samagra Vikas Yojana' ,- Holistic Integrated Development, led me to another dimension of life, people, culture, work and how they connect with each other.
My journey begins at 'wadanekurushi', a small village located few kilometers from Shoranur. I will share my story as i am compiling episodes and seasons. This is in continuation to my previous post
and to be continued...there are many more characters to meet in this Journey.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

every 3.6 seconds a person dies of hunger

“The world would must come to an end if a human being dies because of hunger”
Hunger has many faces, but hunger food food can come upon one only due to poverty or unavailability of necessities.  I am not sure as how to categories the rest. Hunger affects in many ways, but ultimately it can be fatal if unattended. Fighting hunger has been a continuous battle and has been fought for ages and even today some nations unite fighting against hunger issues
Over the course of time, people, organizations, government institutions have been addressing the pressing concerns of hunger and as global economy grew, there were even studies conducted on hunger in preparation to resist it.
The evil hand of hunger has the ability to reach into one’s mind make it weak and weary. It influences thoughts, actions, behaviors, turning almost everything positive to negative.

I don’t believe that hunger is a natural phenomenon, maybe yes it was in the olden days, the saints cruising lands bring plague and hunger upon them, not anymore, with the technology and the science we have now, it is something that can dealt with ease.
Talking of science and technology, I really recommend our team of scientists not to invest billions of dollars to find few droplets of water in Moon or send a rover to the mars, instead, invest in  technology through which world hunger can be solved. 
If you think you are not obliged to help them then you are very wrong. Your responsibility is to take care of the ones whom you can and whom you should. I do my part and I know it is one of my purposes.
This is one of the short films won at the Berlin film festival 2006, you could see how Hunger can change man to dog. Watch the entire film.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

An Appeal for An Upgrade

My recent visit to Durgapur and Shantiniketan was great. Met a lot of people, experienced their culture, shared urban legends and folklores. I felt people there are warm or would like to stay warm as there is a circle of dependency and everyone acknowledges and respect every co survivors.

During my travel I came across many visionaries, reformists, not political rebels but just commoners who are good people. Sharing their views about life and things around it was like sitting below the ‘bodhi’ tree and attaining enlightenment. I was going through the various profiles of these tribes and rural communities. Each have their own ways to survive as each carry their unique traditional skill sets.

Most communities in India are profiled on basis of the type of businesses, services or the trade that they involve. Customarily, Damais are tailors, Kamis are smiths, Sarkis are cobbler, Dhobis are washerman, Khumbaras are potters and so on...

This is about a particular set of people who live among us and are now fighting for the existence of their clan and culture.

‘Khumbaras’ are ethnic and indigenous community in India who are almost in the edge of extinction. A group of Khumbaras now live in Aruvakode , Nilambur, Kerala and are said to have migrated to these parts during the reign of Tipu Sultan. They are artisans by trade, men who make their crafts with sand and clay. Their way of life is ancient, one that has existed over civilizations. Courtesy

There is a relation here and that’s why I started with my travel to north east and swung all the way down to the south because I see a connection, to make a small change in things.

Most tea shops and in the trains in south India, as far as I have seen, uses ‘plastic cups’. As per the environmental act, it is against the constitutional guidelines and it must be maintained.

Now the request to the ministry of environment is to replace the plastic cups by these ‘matkas’ that I came across in tea shops in West Bengal. I am sure it is used elsewhere but I liked the idea of these 'matkas'… even if you thrown it on the ground it just goes back to its natural form and no harm.

But that is not the case with plastics cups. Its choking the environment and suffocates the living.

The Khumbaras should be given the opportunity to produce these ‘matkas’ at government subsidized procured materials. This way they can have a stable income to support their family. Children who are highly exploited to labor and house chores can go to school.

There will be a significant enhancement in the rural development through this project. There will be infrastructural developments , hospitals, colleges, better roads, quarters etc. The chain of good events will only lead to good results and we hope to bring the change soon.

There are social workers who are willing to volunteer in procuring, managing and monitor materials and production. The Khumbaras just need to sit back and do the best in what they do.

It is understood that the quantity of consumption is huge however, we can first start with government institutions, offices and government administered bodies. We can even begin this with the Southern Railways.

The government needs to understand that adding many such ‘Act’ to the constitution does not make the constitution meet the global standards unless the ‘Act’ is enforced and shown in results. The change has to start from there and they need to set examples.

Anyone can work towards this, no experience required but needs real dedication and clear intentions to help people in building a better world for them.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

5 Million dreams to become true by 2020

It was a spectacular event at Kolkata... it stared with

My intentions with respect to the recent activities involving Akshaya Patra and IndiBlogger was clear enough that I am here to support their cause in whatever way the best I can. This is one such activity where I have involved with my heart only and not my mind with any hidden agenda.
The first blogger meet for creating the awareness about this program in the virtual world was held in Bangalore on the 9 of Jan 2011. Many like minded and kind hearted bloggers and non bloggers attended the meet and showed their participation by donating, their blog posts.
The online contest and the meet received raving global response and the buzz was on …
In as sequel , the next chapter at Kolkata is scheduled to happen on the 20th, and i am very much looking forward. And many thanks to the Infinity Infotech Group who has encouraged the past blogger meets and the upcoming ones.

I had a chance to meet with Mr. Ravidra Chamaria the MD of the group over lunch yesterday and he shared with me his views and visions for improving the status and standards of education in India.
He was kind enough to invite me for a fund raiser event in the evening at the oberoi grand for Akshaya Patra. He had also invited Mr Narayana Murthy to give a speech to encourage the people of West Bengal to join the fight against hunger in the state.

Mr Murthy too is an active member of the Akshaya Patra Programs. He shared his experience to the audience, he explained in detail about the process, the stake holders involved and the beneficiaries who are the unprivileged children of India.

Here comes the spectacular part,almost at the end of the event and in less than a span of 30 mins, more than 40 people donated their disposable income to Akshaya Patra and it was estimated to be around Rs 4,500,000 . That is equivalent to provide midday meals to 450 schools every single day for the next one year.

With such overwhelming response from a room seated with around 100 nobel men, the vision of Akshaya Patra can be achieved much easier and much sooner . 5 million school children to be fed by 2020. It can be done before 2020,in my opinion.

I can only see a million more smiles now and a million more dreams that will soon become real for those children in near future.

(In Pics)Left: Mr Ravindra Chamaria . Right Mr.Narayana Murthy

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Got a headache !

Fat Chick : ok, so thin or fat?

Thin Boy: look darling, with the thinnies you can't feel anything and with the fatties you don't know what you feeling !

Fat Chick: nice...something is cooler than nothing huh?

Thin: errr !

Fat Chick : :- (

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

100 % Free Fat

Fat chick (weighs a 120 kgs) : hey do you think I have reduced?

Thin Boy: look darling you are like a beautiful iceberg, who could tell the difference if it melts a little huh?

Fat chick: awww thanks !!!