Monday, September 29, 2008

Kolkata is Sweet indeed !

Kolkata Blogger meet was one of the best blogger meets ever, felt like home there.

Till morning I had no clue how it was going to be and by afternoon I was all upset looking at the venue and our place to stay. I was concerned about bloggers response to all of this.
But, later I would say the bloggers responses made me more at ease and was able to have full-on fun every minute!

We wanted to stay a day longer to be with some of the bloggers and check out Kolkata but we had our flights booked early next day.
The most colorful, cheerful and sweetest people I have ever met.

check out the review on our blog.

Kolkata Blogger meet

Without A Clue!

After the big season of ‘Band of Brothers’, was wondering if we had such heroes in our battalion. I’m sure we have. I believe those were the people who gave birth to thousands of patriotic Jawans for our country.

But suddenly my whole good views and respect for ‘rank’ and ‘medal of honor’ all came down like Jack who climbed the mountain.

Kapil Dev man?! I wouldn’t be surprised if I wake up one morning and Shahrukh Khan being given the position as the ‘President of India’.
Lt Colonel, that is the position that Lt Speirs from Easy Company was when he retired.
After the war in Germany, most men returned home and stayed for ever, but he was there till the end.
He continued his mission to the Pacific and won against the Japanese.
That man retired as Lt Colonel.

Now Kapil Dev, retired from Cricket and became the Lt .Colonel?!
I’m sorry I’m, not following say that again, but this time slap me twice and say that again,
Kapil Dev became the Who?!

What’s with these people man? Isn’t that the man who cried on national television?
I have no idea where this nation is leading to.
And honestly, we have people who had been in combat and may be took a bullet for his fellow men and Kapil, he would taken hardly a wicket for his men.

If he can prove to be in that position then he can or else it is a disgrace to the Rank of Lt. Colonel.

Friday, September 19, 2008

This is your Captain speaking

We were on our way to Delhi for the Delhi blogger meet.
We had to stop by Mumbai to pick some people and fill fuel and rest for sometime.chilling out...

Just then I thought lets take a look inside and maybe try to turn those little knobs in the cockpit.
Picked up a conversation with the hostess (was smooth baby yea! ) and stepped right into the captain’s room.
I looked down at the pilots and said’ ok boys we are taking over from now’ they smiled and one of them got off the seat and said ‘all yours’ ….

So there I am , went like DeeDee from Dexter’s Lab
Oooooh what does this button doooo

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lt Colonel Speirs – the man had more minerals!!!

The most respected and feared officer of the Company.

The profiles I create in Medal of Honor (PS2) Airborne, Vanguard and Frontline is all Lt Speirs

His work is greatly remembered and he is a legend during the battles.
He was initially with the D company (Dog Company) as the platoon leader and assigned to Easy in Bastogne.

I get goosebumps when I see his dare devil action during battle in the TV series
‘Band of Brothers’.
My favorite is when he takes over the command from Norman Dike and lead the men to move forward.

The scenario was:
Winters became the CO for the battalion and his order was to stay in the line and give commands to the Lt Dike.
When Easy Company moved in, Dike lost his orientation and forgot to take necessary steps and orders his team to hold and fall back, while Dick Winters was ordering them to move forward.
First Srgt Lipton gave a temporary order to take cover till next orders.

CO Winters calls upon Lt Speirs to go in…

He follows the order and engage in combat. Check out the video, the section ‘At Foy’
He jumps through a bomb explosion clearing the smoke. Awesome!!!

But that is just the beginning of the day, now he does another dare devil stunt that even the Germans were zonked.

The actual plan was to attack the Germans by E company moves from the front, I company will move in from the rear of the small village and capture prisoners. But E has to tip I company in moving in.

Since the team was split during the battle and there was no way they can tip I company to move in, Speirs became the runner and crosses enemy lines and right in front of the Germans, at first they dint know what to do, later started shooting at him. He dodged all the bullets, jumped the wall, found I company, signaled them to move in and the best part is, he came back running and joined his men.

Rumor has it that Lt Speirs shot 20 POWs after offering them cigarettes. He shot his own man for finding him drunk during duty.

He was the only one from the company who stayed with the Division, and retired as Lt Colonel.

He died in the year 2007.

Check out the video…mind blowing.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Screaming Eagles

Particularly, I love to follow the events with respect to the Air Borne division.

Richard "Dick" Winters
The true leader of Easy

I remember from one of the conversations between one of the First Lt and CO Winters

Lt: “I believe the drop zone is too bloody and you will be surrounded by enemies”

CO Winter: “we are the airborne division; we are supposed to be surrounded”

CO Dick Winters was the first a paratrooper, then the platoon lead then became the First Srgt, and later First Lt and then became the CO of the entire battalion by the end of battle at Haguenau.

Winters joined the E Company (Easy Company) 101st Airborne, 506 PIR (parachute infantry regiment)

The image is taken from

Soldiers,Sailors and Airmen....

Fire in the Hole!

It all began after the invasion of Poland by the Germans.

Interested in the Second World War History,started ever since I saw the movie The Guns of Navarone when I was in 4th grade/std.

I was so involved in learning about the second word war that sometime I think that I was there.
I have got to upload some pics, videos and news about second world war from now, and hope someone will find it interesting.

Starting with the order of the Day. D-Day – Your Finest Hour
Dwight D. Eisenhower

This image is from the site

Kolkata Blogger Meet

Hopping down the bunny trail
the Indies are on their way to 'Shona-Land'

The first Blogger meet to happen in Kolkata on the 21st of Sept 2008.

Kolkata Blogger Meet
21/09/2008 at 16:00
Kolkata Blogger Meet

Friday, September 12, 2008

saawaadeekaaab, people and me

took pics of some interesting people.

starting with my cabby, Sungton or sungtan or sun tan , forgot his name , but was one hell of a funny guy.
the evening i arrived he took me to the hotel and later checked to know if i was interested to the see the 'fucking show'

whats a 'fucking show' man? so i thought, why wld i be interested to watch a show which is fucked up, so when i asked for more details , he tells me that 'it is a place where u can drink and choose any woman and see her intercourse with a man in all crazy positions'
iz great sow...heh heh heh (for a minute he looked and sounded like smigle)

raaiiggghhhtt and you want me to PAY to see THAT ?!, ok ... straight to the night market cabby, and u have the rights to remain silent more word you can see my foot in a crazy position up your ass man.

Tomb ,another tomb and some more ...

tombs in , Bangkok, Phuket, Chiyang Mai

Buddha Bar

ladies and Buddhas of the jury exhibit A B C D and EEEEyyyaaooowww....!!! paw kow chow ....burp excuse me ...

Sleeping Buddha

chilling out yi ! (thats how they say 'yo' in Thai). Can't hold , but thats one big ass Buddha man!!!

134th temple of Shaolin

Master Pain-
this statue is in the King's temple , (at the big sleeping buddha temple in Bangkok)

Bow gun

picked it up from the floating market...a fine piece, medieval and deadly.
can kill you : )

The famous 'Thai Water Lily'

A China town In Bangkok

the pics that you are viewing are all taken using a Nikon D40 . am a total amateur to photoblogging as well as photography. just ....k... thanks

Some paintings inside the airport....hmmm

caught my eye and i took a shot , nothing much.