Wednesday, March 2, 2011

every 3.6 seconds a person dies of hunger

“The world would must come to an end if a human being dies because of hunger”
Hunger has many faces, but hunger food food can come upon one only due to poverty or unavailability of necessities.  I am not sure as how to categories the rest. Hunger affects in many ways, but ultimately it can be fatal if unattended. Fighting hunger has been a continuous battle and has been fought for ages and even today some nations unite fighting against hunger issues
Over the course of time, people, organizations, government institutions have been addressing the pressing concerns of hunger and as global economy grew, there were even studies conducted on hunger in preparation to resist it.
The evil hand of hunger has the ability to reach into one’s mind make it weak and weary. It influences thoughts, actions, behaviors, turning almost everything positive to negative.

I don’t believe that hunger is a natural phenomenon, maybe yes it was in the olden days, the saints cruising lands bring plague and hunger upon them, not anymore, with the technology and the science we have now, it is something that can dealt with ease.
Talking of science and technology, I really recommend our team of scientists not to invest billions of dollars to find few droplets of water in Moon or send a rover to the mars, instead, invest in  technology through which world hunger can be solved. 
If you think you are not obliged to help them then you are very wrong. Your responsibility is to take care of the ones whom you can and whom you should. I do my part and I know it is one of my purposes.
This is one of the short films won at the Berlin film festival 2006, you could see how Hunger can change man to dog. Watch the entire film.