Monday, November 29, 2010

"Just Another Gang Song I Say"

These amigos made my day. I was really pissed of the whole day for reasons . One of them is Anoop decides on naming the indi book ‘B@#$%^’. I felt like measles and dysentery at the same time . Leaving that thought aside I kept browsing youtube videos , just tripping.

This time I was browsing for videos related to gangs and gang related wars and stories from the street. Seems like LA has the worst gangs ever. And there are some ‘wanna be’ gangs trying to make it big or atleast one hit . The culture is basically to show who got balls and guns than who, who can shell out more magazines . Take the street under control and put another money making machine on a dead man's head to run the dope scene . You see a rival gang member; you turn into scare face.

‘I was raised in the hood called what the fuck nigga’- LA gang bang capital of the world. Bloods …cribs…13th street …18th street . the shit out there scares the politicians and cops.

But there are some groups which brings down the whole damn seriousness of the issue. There are some gangs , like I said, ‘wanna be’ gangs which gives a different prospective to the gangs of LA and from the streets across the border.

Most of these gangsters will have a rapper among them and or a gangsta rap enthusiast within .But that not how it is...2pac , 50 cents, Biggie, Dre , they had history from the street to rap for and how they were raised in the hood ended doing times and stuff …make it or break it !!!

So the video that I came across is about this gang across the border ‘mehico’…this gang looks like they are in a very pathic condition. I don ‘t think they got real street jobs to do. Max, get a call or two to catch raccoons and rodents at homes and supermarkets. This gang has about 10-12 members. They have two hand guns that are real or replicas and the rest all are christmas gifts. With a12 member gang they have one car that has some kind of a technical issues. I know it is how they do up the cars but this one gets stuck right in middle of the stunt. They had to drive the car home on two wheels as the fourth one never came down got STUCK amigo!

Watch the video…I never had a good laugh like that for long time. it starts right from the point where the tall fat guy says ‘just another gang song I say’ and do watch the other guys. there is this other guy in the video who keeps showing his tummy...for some reason...i think he is telling us that he is not been fed by the gang or asking his viewers to check out his tattoo, it reads X3…hope that is not Xbox 360

The fat rapper looks like he is a person with a history of insanity in the family plus a very disturbed childhood and I guess he has a pet mosquito . Do you notice the ppl at the back with all that french beard and in white tees…they all look too damn decent.they actually look like web designers or some social media geeks. U never know!

Ok, wondering about those signs they show with their hands? that's simply due to malnutrition their fingers turned that way. Hmmm…so this is what happens inside the world’s most dangerous gang but not actually dangerous but stupid. Flop side senor!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My People My Culture- IndiBlogger Meet Bangalore Oct 2010

#Indiblr . It was a nonstop drive to Bangalore this time. Karthik tried stopping me at several tea shops and road side restaurants but I was just too keen in reaching Bangalore. Anoop was waiting to throw a bomb on us when we arrived “dude IIMB ditched us man, we don’t have a venue now and the meet is just in three days”.

We all switched our modes from “relax have a beer mode” to “what the fuck mode” but we knew that this isn’t going to stop the show. So we head out the next morning determined to find a venue and close the deal by EOD. My driver Sohail helped us in finding Hotels and thats how we came across the Fortune Park JP Celestial near the race course road.

Thanks to Varun Oberoi the head of sale and marketing of the hotel who vouched for us and helped us with getting the venue for the date and time we asked. Big thanks to him. And the LCD tv idea was cool man. Thanks!

I stayed overnight at the hotel before the meet and had a hard time to get some sleep. I slept at 6 am and woke up at 9 am. It was the day of the blogger meet.

We all were relaxed and we know that it is going to be a great meet and so it did. The sponsor for the contest and prizes HP did a great deal in terms of connecting and reaching out to the community. Really appreciate Soumya Dev of HP for all his efforts.

Varun and Soumya they have now become my people and they belong to my culture.

The venue was great, it was on the 7th floor and it overlooked the race course. Great ambience and the bloggers loved it. 200 + bloggers in a hall live blogging, tweeting and more. Bloggers from age of 14 to 62 were present in the meet.

HP gave away more than 10 printers and some of them was the latest e printers. E printers are basically really cool. Send an email to the printer and the machine takes prints. That cool they are. Mohan was gifted a super duper printer who won the first prize for HP wall of fame. He may put a pic soon on his blog. Check it out later.

IndiPolice - Addy and Hemal as usual making all the noise. Have to put them behind bars for being blogger meet nuisance. Lol! Addy came from Mumbai and Hemal flew down from Delhi. And there was Chada who flew down from Hyd.

I got to continue this on to my next post as it might be boring to read a long post. Really

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Born lucky or foodie???

I am born lucky man...i mean...if i was born in china then i would have only left with eating noodles or anything that can crawl or move on my noodles...but i was lucky to be born in India and can taste the blissful biriyani...thank you lord. and yes i am a foodie :)

PS: as i was looking for the image of dum biriyani ... i found lotS on g images and before i could paste it on this post ...i ordered three portions of dum biriyani...murgh, gosht and egg and i am gonna have them all... (with beer)
sorry? can't hear you ...wats that? ... oh no... i am not at home...i am in some undisclosed location. ok...later

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pay Attention!

I never thought I could make it … to what I am now. I was branded 'underdog' , 'way below average' or something worse amongst the ‘smart’ and the ‘wise’. But there is definitely a comeback for those people who thought they were smart and wise. Eventually, time answers to all questions.

As a child, I couldn’t relate to anything in the world I live. I could not see the difference of what is real compared to what I think and as I see it.

A B C D E F…. I thought alphabets are friends and should never be separated so I always placed them together ABCDEF. And some found it inappropriate. My teachers ...But for me it was cruel to separate friends. That was my world. So speak to me in the language I understand…reach …relate.

Alice’s wonderland was acceptable but not mine? Trust me, mine is way better than Alice’s. A talking rabbit? I had a flying tiger! beat that ! game over !

I can’t look at the dull black board for more than a minute because I like yellow boards with blue writings on it …do you have any? No . I can’t hear you as there is too much of sound around me. I can’t see you since there are too many other good things to look at. What am I talking abt ‘ADD’ man, but no complaints. I took it with good spirit. Yes of course , I did went through shit …a lot of shit…I mean a loootta shit but I made it and I bet you will too.

I don’t quite agree with the terms like… ‘ADD’ or ‘dyslexia’ it is not a disorder or a disease …it is a harmless phantom in your mind. It is just a phase and it cannot be disruptive.

None knew about this at that, and the teachers who are supposed to know about this did not know and they try to reason out with the parents…”out of all the children yours is not what we want here” .

Oh, do you know me too well?? Or you don’t since I haven’t raised my hands ever to answer your “what did the rat say to the cat” questions? …yea… bite me bitch!

And for those kids around me who thought they made it great at school and later turned out be a bunch of losers… man…I laugh at them….like point my fingers and laugh at them.

Oh the number of times I was compared to other kids…made me hate the system, the people who made it …the people who supported it and the people who did not take a minute to understand what exactly was going on.

My education, that is what I accepted as education was for about 3 years… my college. I learned everything there.

My school sucked…the teachers pay all their attention to kids who is smart and who pays a lot of tuitions fees and ‘donations’ for home improvements…and the kids were so corrupted in that age, they knew had no guilt or shame about the whole deal.

So here is the deal ! I can’t Pay Attention to you, your baseless system , I can’t pay attention to your face…I can’t hear you…in the words of Arnie…”talk to the hand cuz the face can’t hear you” …

I couldn’t even turn to my parents for help…I mean…what do you expect from people who were born and brought up in a small town in Kerala. Both my parents are smart…they had great academic history for that matter even my sister. Now , you know how it is … I was the ugly duckling or something. Not many ppl are lucky enough to get parent’s like Suchitra’s who did understand what was going on with their child.

But things do turn around for good…and time did answer it. I was great in everything later… but much later. I was into all kind of sports…college meets…at work and now I have my own business and am well established. I am not working for any dumbass boss, I haven’t been to States and suck up to my American salary. I am right here and living it up. I made everything from scratch for myself and not my inherited wealth. I believe in myself and that is what is more important. So you do that too…if any of those fat sons of bitches or glasses wearing snobbish skank trys to put you off. Show them how we do it alright ???

And please do not commercialize it and make money of some sensitive issues that you don't understand.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chennai Blogger Meet - March20th 2010

Has almost been two years since the last Chennai blogger meet. It was on June 8th 2008, inside a basement of an old hotel, 130 bloggers from Chennai got together to meet fellow bloggers. It was in fact a historic day for, Chennai was declared as the blogging capital of India.

Two years back, there were approximately 300 bloggers from Chennai registered with Indiblogger and today it is almost 1500 bloggers. Oh yea! Chennai is definitely the blogging capital.

Since then there were 22 blogger meets conducted across the nation and believe me …what love! It was true spirit. Powerful minds join together; it’s like a seven nation army of sane people …woodstock of wise people! A space station of sharp people…ok that’s enough I guess …I am not geeky …you will see me at the meet and you will figure out the rest.

As I was saying … the Chennai community is more versatile, more of substance, more of interaction among fellow bloggers and so much enthusiasm. But if you look at my last post , most people would think that this blogger is dead after leaving a online suicidal note. See , that was total paranoia after mixing vodka, tequila, sambuka and something else which I don’t know what it was. So I thought I was dying… happens man…

The Chennai blogger meet is open for registration and it is 150 limited seats. We checked the IPL schedule and Chennai is not playing on the 20th of March. So hurry and sign up for the meet and we will see you there.

So again, THE CHENNAI BLOGGER MEET IS ON THE 20th OF MARCH 2010. We shall announce the venue and the agenda soon. It will be on the meetings page.
Oh yea…btw, this time, Univercell , your friendly neighborhood mobile store…is sponsoring us for the meet. Thanks to them for the support.