Friday, September 12, 2008

saawaadeekaaab, people and me

took pics of some interesting people.

starting with my cabby, Sungton or sungtan or sun tan , forgot his name , but was one hell of a funny guy.
the evening i arrived he took me to the hotel and later checked to know if i was interested to the see the 'fucking show'

whats a 'fucking show' man? so i thought, why wld i be interested to watch a show which is fucked up, so when i asked for more details , he tells me that 'it is a place where u can drink and choose any woman and see her intercourse with a man in all crazy positions'
iz great sow...heh heh heh (for a minute he looked and sounded like smigle)

raaiiggghhhtt and you want me to PAY to see THAT ?!, ok ... straight to the night market cabby, and u have the rights to remain silent more word you can see my foot in a crazy position up your ass man.

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