Monday, October 27, 2008

Hey btw...met Amir

Yea met with him in Mumbai.
I have seen few small time celebs throwing big time attitude and I dint get the feel from him though he is a big time celeb.
Amir is fine as an actor and as a person, he is like one of us (just that he is in bollywood and it is a crazy pl ).
I remember the way he answered questions that the media was shooting at him, few of them was totally irrelevant. It was at the launch of the tata sky + PVR launch where I heard one of the media guys asked him “I heard that your nephew said that his uncle has the best body ever in the movie ‘Gajini’”.
(What? Man its is a launch of an advanced version of the dth and you asking him some candy ass question)
So, he was cool and he simply asks the person to repeat the question, twice, then thrice… until the media person himself got embarrassed of his question.
After the event, i was with the team and met him in his room at the Hyatt and we had a small chat, I gave him my card and asked him to call me if he needed anything (hehehehe… yea right)

but this isn't over man...there is gonna be more post on the behavior of media at the event.Media Madness i say...!!!