Wednesday, December 3, 2008

War Within

Never had the feeling before, but was expected, and now it has got into the hearts and minds of the ones we are among, evolving within us in all disguises, uncertainty.
And damn, the mind is getting adapted to the uncertain end.

Feeling the one whom you know is not around anymore and you are to yourself questioning, whether to play with the devil and react as the same evil or stop, cease the moment and regain the pure selfness.

I'm responsible for this and so are you. If you think this is about terrorism , fuck that, we have seen a lot and we will see more.
It is about what we started very early, pursuing the things which are uncertain in all means.

The most feared virus is out there infecting every single mind existing. Leading everyone to fierce anger and hate.
We are in war, a war within ourselves.

I see friends fight, I see partners split, I feel hate among the loved, I feel the uncertain tomorrow is leading everyone to the broken bridge and I see most of us killing each other and pushing the one behind to take the fall first.

Sad truth, it is now beyond repair, and the Mighty is all tied and watching us end the game.


  1. Hon, the fight will continue but we must survive within this war.. and we will do it together...

    About the war, it is something you can't do anything about, but worry.. So stop worrying and live on..! Luv ya!

  2. Strangely enough, I have a post by the same name, about the same thing.