Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lock and Load…

I am not a person who prefers violence. But I am a person who reacts to violence with rage. That is exactly just what the Mumbai PD‘s Special Task Force had in mind to upgrade its counter terrorism capabilities. They are replacing arms that were used during World War ll , you know the revolvers, and a semi automatic older version of M15, and you got your .33 pistol.
The AKs we use are not the authentic Russian, they are mostly Chinese made and they tend to get jammed after about 200 rounds.

Scrap'em all , for urban war far and especially for situations like the Mumbai attack, you require weapons that are effective in engaging at similar ‘weapons parameter’ range.

The new weapons that the MPD team has purchased is the, M4 used by most US marines, largely used from the ‘Desert Storm’ times. I can go on about this gun, this lethal weapon can be attached to a 4x4 scope, laser spot, even to a stunner…

Then comes the compact, stealthy, B&T MP9, the most loved gun in Israel, it is also called the Israel UZI… It is fully automatic, as easy as a using a TV remote and the most effective gun for close range parameters.

The next is my favorite the M107, SAR, 50 caliber. Basically a sniper rifle , range between 900-1100 mtrs…oh yea…’one shot one kill’ ....

Now , the part which really pisses me off is that the ‘commission’ has questioned the force for why it has purchased these weapons, without knowing the effectiveness or conducting ‘field test’…field tests it seems

I now realize how much the Defense Force is Ignorant about weapons, usages and everything else related to that. But, one thing, it is not about the weapons, it is about the heart. If you don’t have the balls, there is no point you have a gun in your hand.-move forward, keep the rage in the heart, the war in your mind and defend - KILL.

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