Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Born lucky or foodie???

I am born lucky man...i mean...if i was born in china then i would have only left with eating noodles or anything that can crawl or move on my noodles...but i was lucky to be born in India and can taste the blissful biriyani...thank you lord. and yes i am a foodie :)

PS: as i was looking for the image of dum biriyani ... i found lotS on g images and before i could paste it on this post ...i ordered three portions of dum biriyani...murgh, gosht and egg and i am gonna have them all... (with beer)
sorry? can't hear you ...wats that? ... oh no... i am not at home...i am in some undisclosed location. ok...later


  1. Hey BG,

    Sorry we couldn't catch up later.. I guess both got lost in the crowd. Do connect with me on facebook/twitter @srinistuff

    Srinivas Kulkarni
    Social Wavelength

  2. Yay...similarly I am glad I am born in Malaysia...Food Paradise especially Penang Island-my hometown!!