Thursday, February 17, 2011

5 Million dreams to become true by 2020

It was a spectacular event at Kolkata... it stared with

My intentions with respect to the recent activities involving Akshaya Patra and IndiBlogger was clear enough that I am here to support their cause in whatever way the best I can. This is one such activity where I have involved with my heart only and not my mind with any hidden agenda.
The first blogger meet for creating the awareness about this program in the virtual world was held in Bangalore on the 9 of Jan 2011. Many like minded and kind hearted bloggers and non bloggers attended the meet and showed their participation by donating, their blog posts.
The online contest and the meet received raving global response and the buzz was on …
In as sequel , the next chapter at Kolkata is scheduled to happen on the 20th, and i am very much looking forward. And many thanks to the Infinity Infotech Group who has encouraged the past blogger meets and the upcoming ones.

I had a chance to meet with Mr. Ravidra Chamaria the MD of the group over lunch yesterday and he shared with me his views and visions for improving the status and standards of education in India.
He was kind enough to invite me for a fund raiser event in the evening at the oberoi grand for Akshaya Patra. He had also invited Mr Narayana Murthy to give a speech to encourage the people of West Bengal to join the fight against hunger in the state.

Mr Murthy too is an active member of the Akshaya Patra Programs. He shared his experience to the audience, he explained in detail about the process, the stake holders involved and the beneficiaries who are the unprivileged children of India.

Here comes the spectacular part,almost at the end of the event and in less than a span of 30 mins, more than 40 people donated their disposable income to Akshaya Patra and it was estimated to be around Rs 4,500,000 . That is equivalent to provide midday meals to 450 schools every single day for the next one year.

With such overwhelming response from a room seated with around 100 nobel men, the vision of Akshaya Patra can be achieved much easier and much sooner . 5 million school children to be fed by 2020. It can be done before 2020,in my opinion.

I can only see a million more smiles now and a million more dreams that will soon become real for those children in near future.

(In Pics)Left: Mr Ravindra Chamaria . Right Mr.Narayana Murthy

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