Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Children of the Earth

I see the glow, like a reflection of the sun on those faces. I feel the energy trusted on their spirits. I sense the purity in their existence. Living is simple, yet vitally contributing.
Their roots originate before the ‘tithis’ were charted. They did not evolve to be disconnected from their roots as they understand that leaving a world of actuals and live an illusion is not the purpose.
Lesson: In life, the only truth and certainty known is birth and death. Between the two is the space called madness, it varies from one to another and the one who is not mad seems like the mad man.
A life without such complexities, just like a honey bee or an ant, a simple life, yet vitally contributing.
I came to know of the ‘Kumbaras’, the Children of the Earth as i call them, more closer.
'Samagra Vikas Yojana' ,- Holistic Integrated Development, led me to another dimension of life, people, culture, work and how they connect with each other.
My journey begins at 'wadanekurushi', a small village located few kilometers from Shoranur. I will share my story as i am compiling episodes and seasons. This is in continuation to my previous post http://houseoferrors.blogspot.com/2011/02/appeal-for-upgrade.html
and to be continued...there are many more characters to meet in this Journey.

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