Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lets play cricket!

It was a Saturday morning and waking up is the most difficult part after a night out of shots blasting. I had to make it to this game cuz me and few other guys arranged for this. Had to book the place in advance, had to get everyone notified.

I was working at this web agency called BroadSpire, a place that made me understand my real capabilities  great team mates, grate superiors, very good management team over all.   

We were supposed to start by 6 am and to keep up our time, we started by 7 , cuz for a hours we were all walking over the pitch like zombies...

The most sleepy ones decided to be the umpire (referee) and the few others just wanted to sit and keep a track of overs and scores. basically slackers…

Most important and fun part is that my team won all the matches …yeah! We kicked some ass I say…

And yes that’s me facing the first strike. If u look close I’m not even looking at the ball, just closed my eyes and tried whacking it and i think i completely missed it!

So, that's how I play cricket. I don't play cricket, and i really don't like playing cricket.  i play football, volleyball and badminton. 

Its like after playing cricket, you don't feel that you played something, there is no sport it in. Well the other sports i play i can't keep up more than hour and a half, yes, volley ball i can keep playing but the rest is just that you need a lot of energy. 

Moreover cricket is too commercial now, it not a sport anymore, its like politics and Bollywood with too much of corruption and drama. 
I just love the company, enjoy time when spent with good people, so that's why i was there. 

(and that shot was straight for 4 runs… it was like playing the game after 10 years and I could manage to hit a 4 … was glorious! and I kinda felt like those dork at the moment)

The group of people you see are from my office. 

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