Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First indiblogger meet

This was the first time I thought I was doing something decent.  This was when i thought i was being constructive with a team of professionals like Renie Ravin. It was indeed a good thought of creating a platform for bloggers to network and engage real time.

After the platform indiblogger.in was made live, there were online registrations which was activated for using the platform  One of the bloggers who were in touch and was working with Microsoft as an intern, she connected and invited us to come of the to the Bangalore Head office and conduct a blogger meet supporting one of their newly developed product called Windows Live writer.

It was all new and this was the first meet so the preparation were pretty interesting. We had to keep the crowd engaged so we planned the program, agenda and schedule to a good extent.
We put up a post and invited all bloggers whoever were using the portal and the crowd turned out to be pretty good.

Good discussion, more technical and focused on the product. MS tried to get some mileage with this meet but it just couldn't because there were existing products that were more compatible and easier in application.
However the meet went well, it gave the team the confidence to conduct more meets and engage more blogger and create a stronger community.

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  1. hi thanks for your comment!!

    Throwing some light on the event

    Its first ever chandigarh blogger meet for States like Haryana,Punjab and Himachal Bloggers.

    Bloggers will share their experiences while going through the journey of their blogs.

    WE will discuss on effective blogging tips etc

    And at present i m finding myself alone in organising the event please help in Designing the Event...please!!