Sunday, May 25, 2008

Too complex, but too simple!

A simple thing can dragged to the core of complexity is made and achieved by one element in this world, is unfortunately the human being. The points are clear, it is a straight line between A and B. Where A, is the time of birth and B the time of extinction. between these two points is we forcefully create c, d, e, f till z and then come to B. Between these two certainties A and B, we create the complex variables that simply drags the journey and time space that makes it more tougher to reach point B. But as when everyone who have reached point B will realize that all that took to reach here was simply not necessary at all. 

We have to understand a lot from the animals who are less intelligent, and we shouldn't be proud about our intelligence because we are the ones who made everything harder to exists. animals are intelligent in their own ways and they are perfectly blended to their world of necessities. They know that there isn't a true certain purpose and they never question or reason their existence. They very well understand life's certainties and abide by it simple law. exists, co exist, survive and perish. 
Most may be resistant to this feeling and would reason, so what’s the point of all this? we just cannot simply live without a purpose and die. We are here to do something! well, that something what we do is the complexities that we create which turns back and hits us even harder and makes us suffer every day. The choice we took to do that 'something' took a very wrong turn. 
Maybe it wasn't the right idea that was shared, maybe the mind fail to understand the simplexes of life. 
Living is living, an there is no world to conquer or over power because you only been given a set time and anything that you do today will not be forever because you are not forever. 

If united we understand the reason of our existence and we lessen things gradually. we might feel great that what a place we lived what a life we were in, at point B

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