Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lt Colonel Speirs – the man had more minerals!!!

The most respected and feared officer of the Company.

The profiles I create in Medal of Honor (PS2) Airborne, Vanguard and Frontline is all Lt Speirs

His work is greatly remembered and he is a legend during the battles.
He was initially with the D company (Dog Company) as the platoon leader and assigned to Easy in Bastogne.

I get goosebumps when I see his dare devil action during battle in the TV series
‘Band of Brothers’.
My favorite is when he takes over the command from Norman Dike and lead the men to move forward.

The scenario was:
Winters became the CO for the battalion and his order was to stay in the line and give commands to the Lt Dike.
When Easy Company moved in, Dike lost his orientation and forgot to take necessary steps and orders his team to hold and fall back, while Dick Winters was ordering them to move forward.
First Srgt Lipton gave a temporary order to take cover till next orders.

CO Winters calls upon Lt Speirs to go in…

He follows the order and engage in combat. Check out the video, the section ‘At Foy’
He jumps through a bomb explosion clearing the smoke. Awesome!!!

But that is just the beginning of the day, now he does another dare devil stunt that even the Germans were zonked.

The actual plan was to attack the Germans by E company moves from the front, I company will move in from the rear of the small village and capture prisoners. But E has to tip I company in moving in.

Since the team was split during the battle and there was no way they can tip I company to move in, Speirs became the runner and crosses enemy lines and right in front of the Germans, at first they dint know what to do, later started shooting at him. He dodged all the bullets, jumped the wall, found I company, signaled them to move in and the best part is, he came back running and joined his men.

Rumor has it that Lt Speirs shot 20 POWs after offering them cigarettes. He shot his own man for finding him drunk during duty.

He was the only one from the company who stayed with the Division, and retired as Lt Colonel.

He died in the year 2007.

Check out the video…mind blowing.

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