Friday, September 19, 2008

This is your Captain speaking

We were on our way to Delhi for the Delhi blogger meet.
We had to stop by Mumbai to pick some people and fill fuel and rest for sometime.chilling out...

Just then I thought lets take a look inside and maybe try to turn those little knobs in the cockpit.
Picked up a conversation with the hostess (was smooth baby yea! ) and stepped right into the captain’s room.
I looked down at the pilots and said’ ok boys we are taking over from now’ they smiled and one of them got off the seat and said ‘all yours’ ….

So there I am , went like DeeDee from Dexter’s Lab
Oooooh what does this button doooo


  1. Hey,

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  2. ha ha ha

    cant exactly picture u as dee dee.. lol or may be i can..

    as long as ur safe n sound.. n so were the fellow passengers.. thats what matter.. hehe

  3. BG, haha nice pic... but man, you drive the flight like your car. Are you thinking to ramp your gear using the left hand and vroom around??... even though its posing, you've tried to put some seriousness in it.

    I can think of my simulation test, where i crashed in just 3 sec from take off :) - may be i would have posed with same seriousness after that :))

    good pic man. you are so lucky.. not many gets a chance to sit in that dream chair.

  4. Dude, did they really let u in?