Monday, September 29, 2008

Without A Clue!

After the big season of ‘Band of Brothers’, was wondering if we had such heroes in our battalion. I’m sure we have. I believe those were the people who gave birth to thousands of patriotic Jawans for our country.

But suddenly my whole good views and respect for ‘rank’ and ‘medal of honor’ all came down like Jack who climbed the mountain.

Kapil Dev man?! I wouldn’t be surprised if I wake up one morning and Shahrukh Khan being given the position as the ‘President of India’.
Lt Colonel, that is the position that Lt Speirs from Easy Company was when he retired.
After the war in Germany, most men returned home and stayed for ever, but he was there till the end.
He continued his mission to the Pacific and won against the Japanese.
That man retired as Lt Colonel.

Now Kapil Dev, retired from Cricket and became the Lt .Colonel?!
I’m sorry I’m, not following say that again, but this time slap me twice and say that again,
Kapil Dev became the Who?!

What’s with these people man? Isn’t that the man who cried on national television?
I have no idea where this nation is leading to.
And honestly, we have people who had been in combat and may be took a bullet for his fellow men and Kapil, he would taken hardly a wicket for his men.

If he can prove to be in that position then he can or else it is a disgrace to the Rank of Lt. Colonel.


  1. Seems like too harsh a feedback for Kapil. Tears are not taboo for men and it is known that men develop complications if they supress their emotions - be it anger or sadness.
    So, i actually consider Kapil crying on screen before millions a courageous act :-)
    Let him have the title yaar, poor guy led the Indian team to world cup victory...

  2. hey, we have enough of wussies and pansy asses in the leadership cadre. We require men like Lt.Spiers not a little girl in big boy pants.
    and hey, if you are honest, then you wouldn't say anything crying ...jeez the last time i saw a man crying was my nephew for his lost 'ben 10' toy, now he is in the 1st grade and he doesn't cry anymore for any reason ...and did you say let him have the title? if he was leading our battalion then most of us will be in some Paki prison sucking juice of a potato. and what about the majors posted in the tiger camps in LoC and Ladhak? i guess they deserve that title.