Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Change Authority, Change Today !

Mission:Rebuild India

Started by one, followed by thousands and I'm one of the supporters.
Waiting for rest of the millions to join towards one goal- Rebuilding this nation, Rebuild India.

We know we were weak, weak in all terms for that matter. We were weak even to think logically that what will happen to this nation if a uneducated, zero experience on whatsoever and an anti social is chosen as a leader.What has become of today's India is a perfect example of choosing those white clothed scum bags as leaders. India is badly wounded because of them.
In a way we made the huge mistake.
We voted, we chose , we gave a chance and now we are the ones who are terribly and tragically affected.

Now, Raise up ! Stand up ! Question Authority for why you and I have to suffer for no fault of ours.

I have some questions and i NEED answers and hell yea i'll get them.

Join the Mission Rebuild India and get your questions answered.

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