Friday, December 19, 2008

I stopped baking myself

After 6years of smoking and several attempts to quit during that period, I finally managed to leave the habit behind and carry on as I was before …healthy…clean…strong.

I don’t feel serious withdrawal symptoms or disturbances of any kind.

I feel good.

One of the Indies, Anwin, quit smoking early this year and was very successful.true inspiration...

He read something and quit…I woke up one morning and quit…He mentioned it is a 80% mind and 20%body effect…that is true.

I have stronger mind and that helped me…

So friends, countrymen and fellow morons QUIT SMOKING !


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  2. Awesome man... all the best... remember it is only the first 3 weeks that matter for the body... after that make sure you never ever take even a single puff. One puff leads to another and another and before long you are smoking as usual... so... the best defense it to never take a SINGLE puff again... it's as simple as that :)

  3. i know ...those single puffs are wicked...