Thursday, August 6, 2009

At the end.

Broken wings, bleeding eyes and the fallen ground. crawled…sheltered within four walls... collapses of dampness. Turning cold and naked, moving towards the corner for a little warmth. Snakes hid in darkness…hissing blames and spitting curses.

once touched, once loved, once trusted and once lived. Walking dreams and living nightmare.

It is so cold here…to where I move now?


  1. @ aniwn...dei this is not like you reading alice in wonderland and eating boiled is about life when it hits you!

  2. Honey... never knew you could write so poetically!
    Loved the way you wrote the truth about 'life'...
    Do write more, baby!!!
    Inspires me to write more poetry that simply does not rhyme and talk about mushy feelings but about life...Love ya, baby!!