Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chennai Blogger Meet - March20th 2010

Has almost been two years since the last Chennai blogger meet. It was on June 8th 2008, inside a basement of an old hotel, 130 bloggers from Chennai got together to meet fellow bloggers. It was in fact a historic day for, Chennai was declared as the blogging capital of India.

Two years back, there were approximately 300 bloggers from Chennai registered with Indiblogger and today it is almost 1500 bloggers. Oh yea! Chennai is definitely the blogging capital.

Since then there were 22 blogger meets conducted across the nation and believe me …what love! It was true spirit. Powerful minds join together; it’s like a seven nation army of sane people …woodstock of wise people! A space station of sharp people…ok that’s enough I guess …I am not geeky …you will see me at the meet and you will figure out the rest.

As I was saying … the Chennai community is more versatile, more of substance, more of interaction among fellow bloggers and so much enthusiasm. But if you look at my last post , most people would think that this blogger is dead after leaving a online suicidal note. See , that was total paranoia after mixing vodka, tequila, sambuka and something else which I don’t know what it was. So I thought I was dying… happens man…

The Chennai blogger meet is open for registration http://www.indiblogger.in/bloggermeet.php?id=73 and it is 150 limited seats. We checked the IPL schedule and Chennai is not playing on the 20th of March. So hurry and sign up for the meet and we will see you there.

So again, THE CHENNAI BLOGGER MEET IS ON THE 20th OF MARCH 2010. We shall announce the venue and the agenda soon. It will be on the meetings page.
Oh yea…btw, this time, Univercell , your friendly neighborhood mobile store…is sponsoring us for the meet. Thanks to them for the support.


  1. I have registered for the event Balaganesh. Looking forward to meet the versatile bloggers of good old Madras.

  2. Hey. Been tryiing to sign up keep getting an error saying "you are already signed in to indiblogger" what do i do now???

  3. @ malathy...yes looking forward to see you all...
    Tech wizard...dude try another browser or can you please tell me what error you get.

  4. Nice initiative Balaganesh. Hoping to meet you guys in the meet.

  5. Hi Balaganesh I am the lead organizer for a event called as Chennai Twestival. I would like to speak with you.My mob no is 98405-95557. Kindly give me a call.

  6. Hi Bala,

    nice blog title,
    what is Linger Print expert mean?

    Wanna want to know how the Hyderabad Bloggers enjoyed the IndiBloggers meet



    It was a great meet and an opportunity to meet fellow bloggers in blood.

    Just to keep the momentum, I have created a new Group on Linkedin - Indibloggers.

    I invite all of you to join this Group.

    In the long run, this will aid not only in personal development but also professional development.