Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Replace 'Twinkle Twinkle little stars' with ''Ek Chidiya - Anek Chidiya'

'Twinkle twinkle little stars how I wonder what you are ' honestly I didn’t wonder what they are and I still don’t.
In my head I knew that stars are bright objects that are far away from earth and there is no point spending too much of time gazing at it or even singing a nursery rhyme about it. That is my view; there was nothing that I learned from that ‘twinkle stars jingle’…
Looking at things around, the messy situation in which the minds are submerged now, is a result of what was taught at homes or at schools or by the mentors. What we learned was controlled by a system. A system that injects the non required and restricts the required.
Unfortunately they missed to correlate some of the most impacting day to day incidents that connect to great morals and values of life and share the infinite experiences in their teachings.
There are lessons to be learned before the fundamentals. Even much before the A,B,C,D…
One does not need to go to school to learn how to be gentle, be understanding, be helpful, be responsible, be honest, learn to trust, be integrated and safe guard the integrity.
I do not remember reading poems or stories that is based on those elements. Or even if the content have those elements, the focus is not to understand the true meaning or try applying in practice but read it and secure good scores and what else...
An ant does not go to school to understand that it must maintain its integrity and commitment for the welfare of its society. So where do they get to learn that?
A dog knows to love, trust, and be loyal to its master, so who teaches them to be that way?
Lets share this ; what I liked and what I understood and what I learned from a very old 1974 NCERT animated promo on national integration and unity in diversity by the Indian Govt. The cartoon is in Hindi, language does not matter as the meaning is applicable and common for all.
Ek Chidiya- Anek Chidiya
Such a beautiful message, in this animation, the elder sister teaches the little brother many things about life based on the incidents surrounding them. She teaches him to count, corrects his grammar, and explains to him about 'trust', 'integrity', and 'unity in diversity' by using simplest of the examples covering everything that is important about ethics and the righteous way forward in living it.
In the past we have missed to understand a lot , if such lessons were taught in every home and to every child; today would be a better day than yesterday.
So shouldn't we replace Twinkle Twinkle little stars with Ek Chidiya Anek Chidiya (can translate to English but the original meaning should not be missed) .

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