Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kulikhaa – Experience The Unknown

Kulikhaa – elementally meaning, Artisan of Eminent Birth
If you are a squirrel, the tree is your own heaven.
A life compensated with utmost care from nature against all the inorganic desires.
A synergy of pure spirits that come together for contributing the best in securing the ‘tree of life’ for the ‘squirrel’ to live . A collaboration of the ones who are close to realism and away from the obnoxious needs. An event exclusively for the people willing to experience the unknown.
Preponderance of their humble ability is an experience to be seen and felt. As they come from the mighty care of nature, so is the art born of them. The people, music, dance, food, language, beliefs, and philosophy are so unique that at the end of the journey experiencing the above ends in realizing the self.
It always thrills me every time to walk the trail which leads to me. Ask no question and seek no answer. It will come to you.
We are meeting soon, we are coming together at a centrally located place in the spiritual land of Kerala. They say the good time to come out is during ‘Onam’ season or before. So during the period we are planning to open the doors to the ones who are willing to experience.
The news will be out in someday and everyone will know of it officially.
Come with an open heart and feel the purity. Tips: the way is authenticity.
Intergalactic back packing has started; ready to walk a non-sabbatical voyage!!! The purpose is to bring them together to the mentioned location and provide them with what and how they want things in the order. They will tell us how they need to be accessed during the engagement.
There are few who are willing to join the journey and wants to enter the original dimension of reality.
Please be advised that if you find a snake curled around your neck while sleeping in the tree houses of Kothmangalam or Nelambur, don’t panic, relax, smile in your heart and go back to sleep. The reality , you either wake up or you continue your sleep.
(the image on this post is under processing and is not the final version, but i can't wait to tell)

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  1. All the best..! May this initiative of authenticity reach great heights and hoping that more people would acknowledge the good in this community and support the venture whole-heartedly..