Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kulikhaa , an Art-craft-argi-cult Carnival

Artisans from more than 15 states, displays ranging from more than 100 artistic creatives .The products that are coming out this time are different but you will also find the regular bamboo chairs, blue pottery and wall murals. But imagine if you were given access to hold on to a copper coin that has the symbol of the sun. Place the coin at the center of your forehead and concentrate your focus on the center of the coin, you will feel a little heat generating. The procedure is done during the day time when the sun is either setting or rising. Slowly open your eyes and try to see the sun. One can see th black spots of the sun with their naked eyes.
You will come across spears used by the Naga tribes, the clay pots that are different to cook your vegetables from meat, the 5 metal combined water holder, like a bucket. No need to heat the water artificially , just fill water in the vessel and keep it under the sun for about an 1hr. The water will not only be hot but it will carry content that protects and shields your body from impurities.
A great opportunity to meet some of India’s very gifted artisans, like Sivji of Iringal, who has a unique way of signing on his statue work. It is said that old sages and sanyaasis complete their pilgrimage and visit him. They will request him to make a statue of theirs. Sivji makes their statues and in about 4 or 5 days the person attains moksha. Sivji doesn’t like his name listed under ripley’s believe it or not as he says that it is no joke while he makes their statue as he would dream how their death will be.
This is an update to the previous post. It is now confirmed that the gathering of the eminent artisans will take place.

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