Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Drill ships cruises over Earth

After our two days of stay near Perumal Malai , we decided to head back to Chennai and continue the story on Kalpakkam atomic plant. When we reached Krishnagiri, we made a small change in course and planned to check out one last place, the mountains of Yercuad. It was once the play grounds of the British Raj. But It was once actually the kingdom for some of the most exotic species of birds and animals. But for making it safer for the humans to stay, they hunted, shot and killed many bears and leopards and wiped out most reptiles, reduced the populations of  elephants and bisons. One can hardly spot foxes and some wild boars these days.
We reached yercuad around 11 pm and boarded a place to rest for the night . In the morning we walked to a nearby stream for a swim. The water was extremely cold and it was raining too. It was like placing your body for charge with coldness.
We had our bags packed ready at the hotel and quickly finished our breakfast and climbed down the mountain, heading our way back home.
While we were coming down the mountain, I saw something that i felt, it just cannot be.Sand quarrying agents have dug out more than 100 feet into earth , and for more than 50 sq km area in total. Its gone. As I was adjusting my lens for a clear shots , I met an old villager who also stood next to me and was watching what I was doing.
I asked him, what happened down there? , “that was once the great forest region in this district filled with centurion trees and animals. He pointed and made a circle to mark at a place and told me , there was once a huge hill stood there. They brought it down to ground level. There were 3 such hills and they all are gone now” he said.
The pics that might help you understand how the land is being eaten up like a caterpillar chewing on a leaf. Look close to the left corner of the first pic, you will find the beginning and then the huge gapping hole dug after. It has now reached the foot of another hill and after few months you will not be able to find the hill that you can see now in the picture. They will dig all they can but will never fill that big hole in their lives.

You cannot have a piece of everything. You are not entitled to. Its the land that is shared by you and me and no one has the right to own it even if the government (organization formed by a group of criminals and hoodlums) sanctions a percentage approval on sand quarrying.
The sand is used for construction and for production of bricks and for many other reason. It would be the same material that would have been used to build the new office for the forest reserve department in Salem.
It is like this, a huge ultra luxury resort hotel clears up a place on top of these hills , bringing down trees and build a spectacular property with imported lawns and flowers etc... The funniest thing is that, you destroyed what was naturally beautiful, and placed your customized nature and hold a sign that reads “do not walk on the lawn, do not pluck flowers, do not disturb the environment”… what in the world is that and how insane is that.
The tall hills are the reason for the climatic balance in that region and these hills and mountains are disappearing on a daily basis. The pace of devastation is faster than creation.
I can‘t wait to see them answered with great vengeance. In the fire of these industries of hell, everything will fall and burn in it.

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