Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fall of Nations

The Governments of Nations are losing their powers. Trust laid upon them dissolves in doubt. The human race is in starvation of truth and hunger for a free world that can let them live in peace as ordered initially.
But the controllers have deceived an army of templars, knights and assassin to fight till end. A war that is not of this world.
Darkness has an appetite for brightness, and the mouth is as bigger than the whole land of the beings. Not a chance of survival. The fangs of darkness are poisonous that it injects desire, the agent of  all destruction.
Desire is the secret ally to the dark side. When things go wrong in 1:1000 it is bound to be 1:100000 soon and when you become part of the equation,it will all be too late...
Power misused becomes negative, devastating energy that goes out and comes around. It has now turning its course upon us. That is natural.
Walk in the center and let others walk their own. Be sure not to follow or be followed. Stand alone to show the difference, exercise your rights. You will be free and nations shall raise once again for peace for a 1000 years to come.

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