Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The occasional drink!

when you walk into a bar there are sure a lot of things to amuse you.  This is about one of those bars that I hit occasionally just to watch, observe and imagine what’s going on with everyone there.
I see this  man in his work clothes rushing into the bar like a doc walking into ER, he comes around 8ish , sits at the bar counter and yells out ‘black label, double, neat’, hell yeah! he had a bad day at work, might have almost lost his job, or just lost his job . maybe one of those presentation days that he was completely not prepared, made his secretary do it  and when it was time for presentation, it was all bullshit on each slide.  Imagine the presentation started with ‘hi there’ with the company logo at the bottom, slide 2, ‘how are you all doing ‘with the logo on the side, slide 3, is it a great day for presentation right? with back ground of flowers, logo at the top. And this was a presentation for the company’s financial risk analysis for the first quarter.  Imagine his face changing over each slide, the words in his thought bubble would have been similar to the girl from the exorcist ‘fuck me ‘fuck me’
I see a Korean guy, thinnest man ever, he looks like a stick insect, even walks like a stick insect with arthritis, think he hasn’t looked up at the sky for over a decade, he makes it to the bar counter from the door in about 2 hrs, but finally makes it , too hard to say anything but he just looks, from his looks the bar man understands what he wants to drink at the same time wants to live another day.  But here is the funny part, that greatly amuses me is , when the ladies walk in, man I don’t have any idea where he gets his energy ,I see the ‘arc reactor’ glowing in his eyes, he can come first in a triathlon in 10 mins, I see a transformation of a donkey to a race horse. And after all that giggling and laughing out loud and ‘cheeers’ I see him dragged out of the bar by the bouncers, not because he was misbehaving, it is just to save his life  to a live another day and can return tomorrow to his second home (the bar).
And I sit and wonder, where is he from, what’s the real life of this stick insect? where is his family, what was he like as a child? and why all this now?  Is he overcoming his rejections, or it is just sleep disorders just want to make it through another night of loneliness and misery. Or does he feel like alice cooper in wonderland? God have mercy on his soul’
The old man walks in, must be 200 yrs old, total relic, I think he would have met Jesus chirst. This man should be getting a certificate from the book of records for dropping his glass a zillion times. The waitress hands the drink and shouts into his ears says, sir please hold it with both your hands firmly and drink like the Chinese drink their tea and try not to make a mess, as she turns around, she hears the glass break and a ‘woops sorry’! He is the only guy who i know pays for the glass and the drink. But a gentleman, of course has to be gentle for his age, yea?
And then there is this sudani or a somalian not too sure of his origin, dude walks in like mc hammer, he is sure taking a wrong steroid for the wrong reasons and totally messed up with his sense of clothing. Maybe he is color blind after 6pm. He wears clothes as if he was at Elton John garage sale or going to an Elton john convention, his blings, man they are so fake. come on it reads ‘reebok’? seriously?! now you should be thinking  what kind of a bar am I going to. Trust me it is a much better place than the hip bars I go to .

 This is the bar of real characters and those hip bars are filled with aliens and they just hate looking at each other.  About this homie, he can drink like he has no liver. He wears shades inside the bar, its friggin already dark seems like he uses sonic waves to find his way around.  He thinks he is in miami’s finest black bar, like u’ve seen in dr dre videos. But its not! There is no one to show off dude! all u have is a suicidal man from work, a stick insect, man who met Jesus and then me, who u showing off to?
Oh the ladies? Yea about them, they all need retirement plans. I mean they will have grand children by now, and I would put myself sometime in those children’s shoes and think. My mother is a hooker at some bar far away from home, sends home money for our education, food and clothing, and she does all this by sleeping with strangers. How long will she do this, she too is tired and needs rest, when will I grow up and finish my studies and start working to take her out of hell and bring her back home. Yea when u laugh at somethings , remember to feel sad at somethings too.
do you feel it? or u cant?  I sometime want to change all this with immediate effect.
This is just 10% of my observation and to share there is so much you know… sometime I think there should not be all this at all. cuz this is not something great to share. 

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