Monday, November 7, 2011

Infiltrating illusions and sheer deception

Leaving India was not something I had planned, ever. But, I had to leave India that is what had meant for me to do. You know the voices in your head, more like the voices in your heart, to say. So I chose to follow my heart.
I had business with the people in UAE, Bahrain and Qatar, and when my wife received an offer to join the health care sector as a trainer/learning and development specialist. I thought it would be ok to move to a new terrain where the "view" would be different.

I have left home before, several times, but never too far as this one would be . I always make it short and I will come back home before the next season changes. 

When i stepped out of the aircraft it was hot, the weather was not friendly, it was someone holding a zippo lit near your face, and sticking it on your cheeks every time the wind blows. It was the time of Ramadan and the middle east experience extreme weather conditions. 
That is when I heard, back home it is dark and raining and my people enjoying the long bottom leaf smoke and whisky.
The minute I landed into the nations of the Arabs, my mind and body started to transform and make adjustments to the new environment. Perceptions that had influenced the mind changed immediately. What we knew of the middle eastern people and the tribe culture is not all that complete. We have been receiving broken information and incorrect news about the people of this land. Now I know why they call the TV the idiot box, and papers as bullshit in print.

Facts are facts and if you have the wisdom, you will have the ability to see the difference. It’s like this, there is existence of hunger in the world and there is existence of ‘black hole’ in the universe, but what we choose to give more attention, makes the difference.

Took off from the road did I? I have that; it is ADD, like I can’t read a book with too many descriptions on a subject. I will start to literally visualizing it and be water coloring it in my mind.
I was picked up by new set of people from the airport, a Canadian couple, my wife’s colleagues. Very kind of them to do that, cuz I wouldn’t do that. On the way they were talking abut the ‘things to do’ here. My first ‘thing to do’ plan was to fill the tub with beer and drown myself to coma.

They were old timers, playing golf, tennis, cycling and the regular old timer things. I was looking for activities that involves a higher level of strain to the body, like mma , kickboxing, horse riding , rock climbing, yes, one of them can kill me. 

So was I inquiring about them about Krav maga classes, if they had any around, the couple did not know what that was so I started to explain to them as it is a Israeli martial arts , combat technique used by mossads  training . And the man driving asked me to ‘stop right there’, I was thinking that he had a question about how to pronounce krav maga , he asked me to repeat and confirm’ did you just say ‘Israeli martial arts’??
I said yes ‘Israeli martial arts’, and he with a warning tone, turned and looked at me as if he works for the intelligence agency, and said “you will never use the word Israel or Israeli in this land. It is forbidden”
So I asked him, why is it forbidden,? Please tell me the exact reason. he repeated 'it is forbidden' So I knew that there was not a real reason as why. But on the surface level most of us who reads and flips through bbc and cnn knows that it is forbidden. Why it started , what was the real reason for it to start. Not a clue.
So now you are making boundaries between me and the Israeli’s? it is the matter left to two tribes, it is the matter left with two governments , it is the matter left to the people who does not matter to us. So why are you making those boundaries?.

 You have come here to dig for gold, get your gold, fill that hole of your life and get out! If I or anyone has the heart to love or give respect each other’s existence, you cannot and will not try to stop it or forbid it.

Can’t blame that man, he reads the paper when he wakes up and watches tv before he sleeps. It is a point where the mind is too weak and resting, so hypnotizing it, is too easy. He is been windup like a toy to repeat things as told but not to reason what has been told.

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