Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Fear of ‘Ultimate Power’.

Has ‘superman’ ever thought that when he is flying 30000 mts above at 500 miles/ hr, he loses his flying power?
The greatest Fear after attaining all superior powers is, losing those powers . That is when one realizes that with great powers, comes great responsibility and along with it comes the greatest Fear.
That fear is the dark side of all invincible beings.
To protect Ultimate powers, the power is shared, and when the power is shared, it is misused, and that is when the system becomes corrupt.
Superior powers always resist themselves from entering into a transparent space. They must also protect the ones with who powers are shared. They want to be excluded from questioning and scrutiny.And more is shared ... until the ultimate power weakens, a total imbalance, chaos and distrust.
But, Only the strongest heart can hold the ultimate power, only the indigenous one can withhold it. And there will be optimum balance in existence.

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