Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Will, the real blogger please stand up ?

Through the last few years, until recent times of virtual communication and networking, the concept of blogging and the prominence of blogs in influencing personalities and perspectives have been and are still measured with immense reception. Blogging is the latest modus operandi of content distribution and sharing. Blogs are by itself a repository of knowledge, news, and verticals of information. These platforms provide a personal review of different subjects that revolve around with customized insights from each individual, each blogger. And a blog has many definitions of its own and can go on more about it.
Enthusiasts continue to utilize this medium by the hour, as they realize that communication is important and so is a personal viewpoint. Details that trigger discussions cannot be set by character limitations and needs to be elaborated with clarity, evidences, sensitivity, and references. These details can however then are compared, contrasted, and debated upon between different lines of societal thinking; mainly referring to bloggers who may have thoughts and viewpoints otherwise from what is being stated.
Blogging sets a whole new dimension. In the blogosphere, one does not need a name, a place, a set of people, or the perfect subject to start on with their discussion with the world. The intensity of the subject of a blog and its post is what entices interpreters. No one chooses a blog based on the number of friends he or she has. Unlike other social networking platforms, this is one space you will be known for who you are and not someone you are not.
The concept of blogging has groomed in a manner that it has become more about community building, rather than exhibiting content. Bloggers these days have the power to revolutionize and improve what’s in existence. Just three lines in a post are sufficient to influence a reader and make him accept or disagree about what is being discussed.
Unfortunately, in India , the power of words are not utilized for the right purpose and it is more inclined towards unrealism such as conceptualizing on new theories that does not matter to anyone, Bollywood (the Indian movie industry ) cricket and corporates who treats bloggers as content developers and not people who would really influence decisions . This goes to the main stream media as well such as the press, commonly known as propagandist and corporate whores. They are always asked, paid for, and made to write the content directly or indirectly. The questions is, are both medium realistic or more materialistic?
What’s interesting is that in India there are more than 2 lakh + bloggers, the regional language ones are more than the ones who writes in English. The difference is that, the regional ones talk about the real world and the facts and the other mostly about the world they have made of their own. The readership is less for the later compared to the former.
We fail to understand the medium called blog that has the power to communicate cross border, understand cross culture and even educate the uneducated about each other’s existence. That is what we require now. Commercializing it while the struggle is over your capacity of resistance is not the current requirement.
You are given the power to communicate, through various medium and forms, use it responsibly and be of use to the society.

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